Thursday, April 2, 2015


Time for this week's link up with Karen Beth for Tuesday @ Ten where we have a full week to write on the word prompt.

This week's word is:

But I want to share using the word:


Throughout my life, God has blessed me with many gifts;
and I certainly feel extremely rich for these gifts!

The greatest "gifts" God has blessed me with
are the people, coming in and out of my life,
sharing their gifts whenever the need arose...

Perhaps God placed something on their heart
to share in my time(s) of need -

a meal, paid for by a friend,
when I would not have been able to join them otherwise;

a check in the mail from someone
who wanted to bless me when I was unemployed;

gift cards from someone
for gas and groceries...
essential items for anyone,
but not so easy when funds are short;

a Christmas tree from a few of my church family
when our "artificial" tree was stolen
(along with the car!)!

cash; groceries; food;
movies and retreats paid for
when I could not have attended...

So many gifts
I started writing them in a small notebook.
I continue to add things to it.

These are just a few of the blessings
I have received over the years;
blessings received from loving friends...

blessings received from a loving God!

And the greatest blessings
are those people who have come in and out of my life!!

And, I leave you, my blogging friends,
with this blessing:


  1. I love that you keep a journal of all the blessings you have received! I totally want to start doing that. :)

    Visiting from Tuesday at Ten!

    1. Thanks, Liz! I don't always remember to write things in it; so many different types of "journals" makes it difficult to keep up with them!!

      Appreciate your reading and commenting!

  2. Indeed, my family and friends are blessings from God.

    Have a blessed day, Barbara.

    1. Yes, Romi, our family and friends ARE definitely blessings from God!

  3. Love your post....I've started keeping a blessings jar and it's been filling up really is amazing when you put your trust in Him...

    1. Yes, Helen! Counting our blessings...we have so many, really! Our women's groups at church do what we call a Blessing Box, and it is given each year to our national headquarters for outreach ministries. I am trying to add to that "box" (mine is a decorated container); and also to write down my blessings.

      Good to "hear" from you! Thanks for reading and commenting!

  4. Such a lovely idea to have a journal of one's blessings and the lovely things which others do for us every day.

    1. Yes, Alexa!! I fail to write it down every day though...need to be better with it!!

      This month I am following Ann Voskamp with an April Counting Gifts; see She has 3 Gifts with specific prompts for 28 days and 2 days with just one; ex. the 1st was 3 Gifts Round and today was 3 Gifts of my "round" I titled The Gift of Friendship - a Tervis tumbler given to me by a friend; and today I did The of of Words - a blank sheet of white paper or a journal page to write words given to me by God...just my take on it!! I plan to do a post with all of them; I don't think it necessary to post it every day...


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