Thursday, April 16, 2015


Time for this week's link up with Karen Beth for Tuesday @ Ten where we have a full week to write on the word prompt.

This week's word is:

Some how...

I think our dear friend Karen Beth - hostess of this awesome weekly gathering -

has been snooping in my journal!!

Ha ha ha!!

Little did she know when the word REST was chosen for this week...

That I had already written a brief poem in my journal!!

So, here goes:

I do not sleep well at night!

I do not fall asleep easily either!

I do whine and complain, and moan and groan about this -


Sorry folks!  Just my nature, I guess...and I am sure if you read even a few of my posts,

You have read somewhere how badly I sleep...I do not always get the rest needed.

Like, the other night; in fact, the past two or three nights!

And, when I did get up the next morning after one of these nights, I jotted these words down in my journal:


"Oh, Sleep -
Where art thou?
When will you come?
Why won't you come to me?
Let my restlessness
Be overcome
By the
will not come...

When you do come -
not nearly long enough
for my weary soul
to Rest in thee.

Oh, Sleep -
I need thee so...
I long for thee
to close over me,
To let my weary soul
share in the Peace
of a night of
a night full of
the Rest
I need
to find.

Oh, Sleep -
You once again
have slipped away
from my grasp;
have left me
weary once more;
yet again,
Sleep -
just beyond my grasp,
my weariness
for that rest.

will rest come;
will rest be found?

{bjl - April 2015}


And, I can find that rest:


And, I'll leave you with one more thought:

Thanks for indulging me to whine just one more time...

I hope!!!


  1. Your post (especially the poem) brought a smile to my face. I hope that you are able to get a restorative night of rest very soon.

    1. Well, if you are truly a "Mom to 3" - I totally understand!! I am a mom to 3 as well...but they are all grown with families of their own. And my youngest daughter is a mom to 3 - all under 4 years of age! So...yes, I am sure you know a "little" about the need for rest - as does my daughter!!

      Can't believe poetry is BACK!!! I haven't actually written any in several years; and have added 2 or 3 just in the last couple of weeks!

      Thanks for reading and commenting! I'll get around to reading the Tuesday @ Ten posts today and tomorrow - the weekend will be BUSY as usual!!

    2. I didn't say - but I DID get a more restful sleep the past couple of nights; headed to bed now and hoping tonight is the same!!

  2. HAHAHA that is AWESOME :) Maybe I was reading your mind :) hehehehe I love the quotes you chose for rest, even the funny one at the end :) ... thank you Barbara for sharing your thoughts on REST.. LOVED IT!

    1. Thank you Karen, for reading and commenting!! Glad you liked the post - since you KNEW what word to choose -- hahaha!!! And glad you liked the quotes...sometimes they are what gives me the ideas of what to write; but this particular post was already written!! Can't wait to see what word you get out of my journal this week...wink wink!!

  3. I also did the link-up for rest! What a great poem! I know exactly how you feel :)

    1. Thanks for reading! You never know what is going to come out of my brain early in the morning - when sleep won't come!!! Appreciate the comment!


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