Saturday, November 21, 2015

Five Minute Friday - DWELL

I am linking up with Kate for Five Minute Friday; check out her blog Heading Home  to link up or read other posts.  I haven't done an FMF post since we ended the "write31days" in has gotten in the way in a whirlwind of activity; and the holidays are just now starting ...

{although, with Halloween comes also my oldest grandson's birthday the next day, and my daughter's birthday on the 12th of November; so continuing to be busy even before the "other" holidays!}

So, here I am again, writing on tonight's word:


Dwell - v. to live
Dwell on - v. to refer to at length (to a subject).

The place where I currently dwell is a two-bedroom/two-bathroom apartment; we are in the building near the back of the complex, at the back of our building, overlooking the back of a car dealership.  It is rather quiet back here, except for the occasional alarm sounding on one of the cars beyond the fence between our building and the dealership.

Our complex is surrounded by trees and a creek that runs throughout.  It is a (fairly) quiet place to dwell...

Even so, there are times when I am weak and sad and depressed and...well, just "out of sorts".  And in these moments, I dwell on what could have been; what would life be like if...

I know these types of "dwellings" are not good for me.  I should take my life for what it is, at this time and this place, because I know that God has me here for a reason!

Yet, that reason is so hard to find!  That "purpose" is getting harder and harder to find...

And, when I dwell on my circumstances too much, I do become weak and sad and depressed and..."out of sorts".

So, I know the thing for me to do is not dwell on those things!  Live with them; but don't dwell on them!

I know, easier said than done!

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So, today is barely beginning; but as the day goes on...and is over, I need to {try} and "let it go"...

{If I were to add a video clip here, it would be the "Frozen" version of "Let it Go"; but I will let that one go, too!  I am sure everyone will be happy I chose not to use that song - though I really do love the music from "Frozen"!}

So, as I end my Five Minute Friday post for this week, remember these verses from Ephesians (another "easier said than done" quote):


  1. Hi Barbara,
    You are my #fmf neighbor! You are not alone in your good days and bad days. I find focusing out on others and not "me" brings me great joy.
    Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thank you for reading! I know...focusing on others does bring me JOY, and I truly need to remember that when I start feeling those...feelings!!

  2. I love the music from Frozen too! Yes don't dwell on them but live in them. Wise words there, friend!

    1. Thank you, Tara! Dwelling on the negative...Does not work...appreciate your reading and commenting!


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