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Simple Woman's Daybook - November 2, 2015

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Today, I am linking up with Peggy and the Simple Woman's Daybook for a new month - November!

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November 2, 2015

Outside My Window:  The weather is gorgeous!  It is around 79-80, a slight breeze; and if you look closely, you can see the leaves really are changing around here!  Just take a look at this one from our balcony:

Photo by BJ London

I am Hearing:  News, news, news!  Nothing "new" in the news; nothing "good" in the news!  {And nothing "new" in what I am hearing this morning!}

I am Thinking About:  The things I need to get done before my retreat that starts on Friday...yes, sorry!  I am talking about "retreats" again!!

I am Thankful for:  The rest I was able to get last week; and that I am feeling so much better because I listened to my body and took the time to rest...as in, nap when I needed to do so!  And, I am thankful for family and for the opportunity to celebrate a major birthday over the weekend...

Celebrating my grandson's
16th birthday

I am Praying for:  The decisions we - the Pastor Search Committee - must make in brining someone to our church as an Interim Minister; and our continued search for a permanent minister.

I am Wearing:  A "Betty Boop" night shirt, pink with darker pink flowers; a pair of gray pants; and my crocs...always the crocs!

I am Creating:  A gorgeous dress for one of my Prima dolls...can't wait to see it come together!  Photos later...

I am Going:  Only a couple of loads of laundry; one almost done!  Unload and load dishwasher.  But, mostly doing some writing:  a post for a Guest Post due later in November; and a couple of cards and letters.

I am Wondering:  What projects I want to work on at the...you know...the "retreat"?!

I am Reading:  Sorry, all you "literary geniuses"; but I am giving up on "Wuthering Heights" by Emily Bronte!  I am still browsing through "When Your Loved One Has Dementia - A Simple guide for Caregivers" written by several authors; and started reading "Beautiful Lies" by Lisa Unger last night while hubby was watching football.

I am Excited for:  FUN FUN FUN!!  Dare I say it?  "Retreat"!

I am Learning:  To listen to my "body" when I am beginning to get sick, and resting!  I spent about 3 days last week at home...resting, as in napping when I needed to nap!  And doing very little around the apartment...because of that, I am feeling so much better; and ready to face a new week!

In My Kitchen:  Dishes to be done; dishwasher to unload and load...and leftovers for dinner!

I am Pondering:  Two sermons I listened to this morning, given by one of the candidates for an Interim Minister at our church...

A Fave Scripture Thought:  "The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.  Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged."  (Deuteronomy 31:8 - NIV)

A Quote:  From Jim Brickman, author of the book "Soothe", speaking of life's annoyances...

"I've decided that you must separate life's little annoyances from bigger, more important injustices - and most of what happens falls into the "life's little annoyances" category.

"When I'm met with a 'crises', I lead myself through this exercise:

This isn't a life-changing event, but a pain.
This is just temporary.
You're not going to die.
Remember that life is a series of annoyances.
All I can do is control what I can control.
I'm never going to change anyone else's behavior.
And I will focus on the positive.
And I will do that right now.
Exhale.  Slowly."

This exercise works!  Just take a couple of moments to try it, especially when you are looking a crises in the eye!

Thank you, Jim Brickman, for your "soothing" words!

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Since it really doesn't LOOK like autumn in Florida yet...much...love this image I found!

And another week with the Simple Woman's Daybook is completed!  Join us again next week!


  1. Hello Barbara! I am visiting from Peggy's link-up. A beautiful blog you have! I gave up on Wuthering Heights too. I don't know how it ever became a 'great' classic. Just not my style of writing. Have a great week!!

    1. Paula...maybe WAY BACK WHEN Wuthering Heights may have been a great classic! Not my style either...I started that other book; it's a mystery and is keeping my attention with no problem!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting...I started reading but had to leave to get a couple of other things done...back to reading in a bit!

  2. Crocodile-skin shoes? COOL.


    1. Andrew, you had me puzzled there for a moment...my "crocs"...yeah, crocodile-skin shoes?! Actually, they are my OLD comfy in-house only crocs...you know, those shoes everyone wears everywhere?!

      Thanks for reading and commenting...good to see you around again...take care!!

  3. I love reading your Daybrook entries. I'm considering joining, at least a couple times a month. I think I need more random style posts. :)

    1. I love doing these, Barbie! And would LOVE to read yours! I started out doing it weekly; then switched to every other week because they were beginning to sound very repetitive...but I'm back to every week right now - I guess until it gets repetitive again!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting...think about joining us!!


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