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Simple Woman's Daybook - November 23, 2015

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November 23, 2015

Outside My Window:  Breezy, clear blue sky, and temperatures in the 40's...YES!  I said..."in the 40's!"  So glad it is cooling down around here!  I need to get my summery shirts put away and get out the wintry ones...YES!

I am Hearing:  The TV, of course!  Can't tell what is on, but it is all chatter, chatter, chatter...probably some morning talk show that is not clearing my brain yet!

I am Thinking About:  What I need to get done today, this week.

I am Thankful for:  My family and friends; church family and friends; crafting family and friends; and to God for them all!

I am Praying for:  Continued patience and understanding; to be able to keep my mouth shut when I am provoked, so I don't "re-act" to the words that come to my ears from my husband.

I am Wearing:  A pair of pj's - black pants and a black top with minions - there are eight black, gray and white ones and one colorful one with the words "One in a Minion".  I bought these pj's for our last Puppy Crop because the theme was "Minions" with the phrase "Our Volunteers are One in a Minion."

Minion Display at my Work Table

Retreat Layout
{almost completed}

I am Creating:  I promised photos of the projects I have recently completed...and here they are...

Cards made at Retreat;
Left two - challenge
Right one - make 'n take

My Page
for Page Swap
(20 of same page made!)

"Thankful" Theme Crop
November 21st

Now, I have a Christmas gift to finish; and my goal for next year is to get projects done so I can include them in a few craft shows that usually come up in the Fall.

I am Going:  To a doctor's appointment {actually, it's for a "mammo" that I always dread; yet, I know it is one of those necessary things in life!}

I may also stop by a store (or two) while I am out by myself...still looking for something to complete the above-mentioned Christmas gift!

I am Wondering:  If my term as chair of our Deacons has come to an end?!  I was willing to continue; but I think my term is up...and that will actually be a good thing for my "over-whelming" and busy schedule, and I can slow down a bit and concentrate on getting some things done - around the house cleaning and organizing; craft projects done...that kind of thing!

I am Reading:  The sequel to the last book I finished - "Beautiful Lies" by Lisa Unger.  Yes, I did go by the used book store and bought "Sliver of Truth" so I could read it...this is a "can't put it down" kind of read!

I am Excited for:  The holidays!  First, gathering at my daughter's home for Thanksgiving with both of my daughters and their families, as well as a close family friend and her son and father.  And then...my son and granddaughter will be with us for Christmas!

I am Learning:  Not only do I need to ask for patience and understanding with my husband, I need to learn to not provoke him; and to not to let him provoke me!

In My Kitchen:  Need to pull something out to cook for dinner...leftovers will come after Thanksgiving!

{We ended up opening cans - potato soup for me; chili for him...just what I needed!}

I am Pondering:  The story of Hannah - whose name means "Grace" - and her life as one of two wives, the one who could not conceive and was provoked by the other wife who had several children.  Hannah was blessed by God, giving birth to Samuel.

A Scripture Thought:  Psalm 18:6 has come up in my morning devotions, and also on blog or facebook posts I've seen in the past couple of days...

"In my distress I called to the Lord; I cried to my God for help.  From His temple He heard my voice; my cry came before Him, into His ear."

God is assuring me that He has not forsaken me!

A Quote:  "Even if we cannot seem to walk that mile in someone else's shoes, we are still capable of standing beside them to be a supporter until the day they learn to smile again" - Hannah Brencher, Lewy Body Dementia Association site found here.

And another Simple Woman's Daybook is completed!


  1. I was just complaining to my husband of how cold I was tonight, as I sit under a blanket with the dog between me. It's about 50 here tonight. I'm a baby. Your cards are beautiful! I am so looking forward to Thanksgiving. Just bought my 20lb turkey tonight. Can you say, "leftovers!!!!".

    1. Barbie, I have been taking a break from reading, writing, blogging, checking for comments, etc. No reason; just not "feeling" the writing right now...and have been over-whelmed with "stuff"! And, NOW, I am sick again...been resting the past couple of days!

      Hope your Thanksgiving was Yummy and Great! And, that 20 lb. turkey was the center of it all...well, actually, the family and friends and all the blessings of being together! We had ham, FRIED turkey (a first for me!) and all the fixin's...and a house full of family and friends at my daughter's home!


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