Sunday, October 12, 2014

Day 11 - Do You Know Me?

Throughout our journey with Dementia’s Demands, I find myself lost, wondering who I am and where this journey will lead.  Sometimes I feel totally invisible, camouflaged in the midst of all the confusion, dissension and chaos of this life.  I didn’t think anybody “out there” really knew what was happening in my life.  Perhaps they didn't know - or care?

In order to write about the subject, Dementia’s Demands, during this 31 Day Challenge, I have been reading back over some of the writing I penned as I tried to put my feelings down in my journal.  This entry popped out at me, and I wanted to share just how I was feeling, back then…

Hey!  Look at ME!!  Here I am!  At times that’s what I want to shout – I am here …  try to understand and realize that!  I am here – or, I am Somebody – either way, just remember – I am a person, too; and this person also deserves respect, love, and all of that!”

Struggling with what I wanted to share today, I decided to keep it short and just share my inner thoughts.  Tomorrow, I will share the second part of, “Do You Know Me?” which is a piece of poetry I wrote during this same time period.

I hope you'll stop by tomorrow to continue reading these thoughts...


  1. The first paragraph really hit home for me. It could be me speaking. Praying for us both. - Peace 2 U.

    1. Thank you for reading - and for your prayers! I will also remember you in mine...I do hope that in reading my posts, you and others may find the peace you search for in your own journeys. As I read the comments and the posts that others have written, I find encouragement and the strength to continue to share what I have been writing in my journals about for many years...wishing you peace as well, my friend!

  2. I felt exactly this same way when I was taking care of my beloved husband during his lasst years. It was all about him and I felt forgotten, as the caregiver. It is so easy to feel so very alone

    1. We may be alone in our caregiving, but God is there to strengthen us and comfort us...not sure if you are a religious person or not - but I think there IS a power greater than we are that will sustain us through the hard times. May He be there for you...


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