Friday, October 24, 2014

A Romanian Prayer (translated)

The following is a Romanian prayer written as a poem by priest Arsenie Boca and shared by  a fellow blogger, "lettersformysoulmate" who translated it:

Oh, Lord, forgive my many prayers
Asking You only for bread, security and wonders,
For I have often done from Thee my servant
I do not listen You, but You of what I say,
Instead of wishing, Lord, to be your will
I always ask You to do mine.
I ask You to banish grief, to not send me what You want
And to serve me in all, to give me without asking in return,
Thinking that if I sang and pray to You,
I have the right to ask You for all I want.
Oh, forgive my crazy way of praying,
And teach me how otherwise to stand before Thee.
Not just asking from You, like You were my servant,
But You asking from me, and the servant to be me.
To understand that the best way to pray
It's to wish Your will in all.

The prayer rhymes beautifully in Romanian; sure wish I knew that language to read the beauty of the rhyme.

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