Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Day 6 - A Medical Issue?

A medical issue?  I had not even considered a medical issue being part of the problem, or the problem!  It just never occurred to me that the way my husband was acting was because of a medical issue!!

My husband rarely had any reason to seek a doctor’s help.  But, at one point he was having major nose bleeds.  He finally went to an emergency clinic where they were surprised to find extremely HIGH blood pressure.  They were able to control it without sending him to the hospital – but it was close!

Medication for the High Blood Pressure seemed to help; and the doctor continued to keep an eye on it.  But after controlling the high blood pressure for about a year, I noticed an increasing amount of forgetfulness and consulted the doctor.  I knew that some forgetfulness was common as we age; but it usually is not enough to interfere with our lives.  He would forget where he put his keys or his glasses – not uncommon with age; and even though I am 12 years younger than my husband, I sometimes forget things, too!

The doctor ran a few tests in his office and felt there may be something more than just an aging, or common dementia.  He scheduled my husband for testing at Mayo Clinic to see what they could find.

And then came the diagnosis…


  1. Hi Barbara, I came by to thank you for commenting on my blog and ended up reading back to the beginning of your story here. How heartbreaking to walk through so much pain and confusion without an answer or reason why. I hope the diagnosis at least helps your own self-doubt. So sorry to realize that there are probably many who are suffering in silence like this. Maybe your written words will be a help to them.

    1. Susie, thank you for reading todays and the past 5 days of my blog! It isn't easy to walk this journey; and it isn't easy to share it so openly. But, the few comments I have received encourage me to continue - because there ARE others out there and I do hope and pray they will be touched, find comfort, or at least know there are others walking the same journey! Thanks for reading and for commenting!


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