Sunday, October 5, 2014

Day 4 - A Stranger in My Home

Who is this stranger that comes into my home at night?  Why does he act so paranoid?  What can I do to change the way he acts and reacts to me?  Was my life always this way?  When did it change?  Or, did it change?  I thought my life, or my married life, was in trouble; or, that I was going crazy; or, maybe both!!

As time went on, I just learned how to survive – without the love and affection I needed – the gifts, the recognition, the touches; and with the verbal abuse – the temper, the accusations.  I learned to cope; to be a survivor.  But, did I really cope?  Am I really surviving?

 And, did all of this stressing, and worrying, and defensive action actually help the situation?  Maybe it only helped me to get through the next few years, until we discovered the real problem…

My short and "sweet" post for today!  Tomorrow I will share original poetry that relates somewhat to my blog and will continue on our journey next week.  Please join me!


  1. Still with you, looking forward to the poetry tomorrow.

    1. Thanks for hanging in! Hope you enjoy the poetry tomorrow...I've been writing for a long time, but mostly just for my own personal use...


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