Monday, October 20, 2014

Day 19 - My Pain, Your Pain

My Pain, Your Pain
The pain I hide in my heart,
Is it your pain I feel?
The sadness I feel in my soul,
Is it your sadness?
The uncertainty, the soundless words,

Are they your way of reaching out?

Can you not share your pain, your sadness?
Would the uncertainty be more clear if shared?
The soundless words given voice?
Do you not know that your pain is my pain;
Your sadness is my sadness?
My words could be yours.
If only you’d open up and share your innermost feelings.

This poem was originally written in June, 1997 for my daughter.  She was going through a rough time and these are the words I penned with her in mind.  As I read the words again, they could also be written about the journey we are on with my husband and his dementia.  What do they really hold in their hearts; or in their minds that they are unable to share?  Would it be helpful if they did share?  These are questions that I am not able to answer at this time; but it is something to consider as we continue on this journey with Dementia’s Demands.


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    1. Thank you, Tara, for reading and commenting! I never thought I'd pull this poem out and find it fit for what I am blogging about! You just never know...hoping these 31 days will revive the desire in my head and heart to write more!

  2. You are an amazing emphathizer, I can tell from this poem. I go through this with my sister. She never talks about what is bothering her!!

    1. Thank you for your compliment! I appreciate your reading and commenting and am humbled by your words.


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