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Simple Woman's Daybook - January 25, 2016

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January 25, 2016

 Outside My Window: A sunny - chilly - "winter" day...at temps in the 40's, it is a wintry day in Florida.  The temps will get warmer in the next couple of days...actually, it will be nearly 60 degrees this afternoon; oh, well, so much for our winter "day"!

{There were "visions of snow flurries" in parts of town over the past few days when the temps were lower!}

I am Thankful for:  My family and friends...no matter how bad - or good! - I am feeling, they are there to bring my mood up - or help "celebrate" the good!

Enjoyed the afternoon yesterday with my two daughters, two sons-in-law, and five grandchildren!  It was even "warm" enough in the sun for the kids to ride bikes, push (toy) shopping cart and stroller, toss the ball, or just sit in the grass and enjoy! 

In My Kitchen:  Dishes in the dishwasher; waiting to fill it up later before running it.  Dinner?  Since I am babysitting this evening, leftovers are on the menu...or perhaps a sandwich!

I am Wearing:  A pair of jeans; a long-sleeved shirt I've had for years...missing buttons, holes in the front...but, it's soooo comfy!  And a pair of dark pink and white socks...no crocs today!

I am Creating:  Still working on my cards for the card swap; one project to try to complete at the up-coming retreat {less than 2 weeks away!!}.

I am Thinking About:  How to handle our budgeting, when the "second-half" of this couple doesn't have a clue about budgeting, or how to stretch the "dollar" throughout the month... 

I am Praying for:  Continuing to pray for our church's Pastor Search committee; we have the profiles of seven possible ministers that we will be reviewing tomorrow night and next Tuesday night.

I am Going: To a retreat!  OK, so I am always "going to a retreat"!  But it has been a few months; so I am getting excited...

I am Wondering:  What projects and supplies to take with me to the retreat.  Time to get it all together; this one is out-of-town, so there's no bringing stuff into the cropping area after sleeping at home!!

I am Reading:  Finished reading (in approximately 2 weeks!) "Unbroken" by Laura Hillenbrand; picked up "Girl Meets Change" by Kristen Strong to finish reading it.  Barbie Swihart was doing a book study using this book; check it out here

I am Excited for:  An up-coming scrapbooking retreat...out of town!

I am Learning:  {Or trying to learn} to take care of myself whenever I feel sick; but it doesn't always work with my scheduling!

I am Hearing:  "Property Brothers" on HGTV...I sit down for a couple of minutes to watch; then go back to other chores.

A Quote for Today:

"I don't know how to be thankful in all circumstances.  Does that mean I'm supporsed to be thankful I...{fill in your own 'crisis'}".

This is a great question!  Does it mean I should be thankful I lost my job.

The author continues:  "...it does say to give thanks in all circumstances, so I think that includes circumstances of broken bones...You can be thankful that your story doesn't end in something broken but instead in something healed.  You can be thankful for what God worked through that situation and that your {crisis} brought about many good things...

"This is how you give thanks in all circumstances:  you believe that God's goodness is in all circumstances, and you show you believe by telling God Thank You!

A Scripture Thought:  "Pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus."  (I Thess. 5:17-18)

I am Pondering:  These words...do I give thanks in all things??  There is always, always, always something...

And join me next week for another Simple Woman's Daybook.


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    1. Helen, you are such a precious friend; always so encouraging and prayful for anything that we need...I appreciate your reading and commenting, always sharing my posts. THANK YOU just isn't enough!

  2. I love getting these glimpses into your day my friend.

    1. Thank you Teresa; I actually love writing this way...gives ME a glimpse into how busy I really am - or perhaps how lazy I can be!!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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