Monday, January 25, 2016

Tuesday @ Ten - EMBRACE

Time to join my friend, Karen Beth, for Tuesday @ Ten!   Karen has set up a new group Facebook page for her Tuesday @ Ten followers; a place where we can "meet" and share our posts, comment, encourage, and just "be" together!  Check out the group here.

This week we will share our posts written on the prompted word:


And, I have decided to try something different this week...a poem!  So, here goes:

Embrace your dreams,
The long ones and the short.
Embrace what you dream to be;
Or what you dream to do.
What is ahead.
Embrace your dreams.

Embrace life;
The life that is yours.
The life that is sometimes good,
And sometimes...
Not so good.
What you have;
Embrace Life.

Embrace the moment.
Though it be but only a moment;
Though it rushes by...
Don't let the moment pass.
Embrace the moment.

Embrace your loved ones.
They drift away from you;
Don't let them leave
Without knowing...
They are loved!
Embrace them lovingly;
Embrace them often!
Embrace them...

Ever since the sudden death of a member of my church, I have felt the need to "embrace my dreams; my life; the moments; and my loved ones" embrace "lovingly, often, and NOW".

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