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Gifts Found in October 2015 - Part 4

Part 4 will complete these posts of the "Gifts Found in October 2015".  Be sure to read Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3, as the journey continues...

October 22nd
A Gift Silent, Still, Strong

The Gift of a Surprise - When I opened my drawer at Our Craft Place, there was an envelope with my name onit...with a gift certificate for a local craft store.  A "silent" surprise...from my Elfster!

October 23rd
3 Gifts Begun

1.  The Gift of a New Day - As I wake to a new day, I know another 24 hours has begun; another opportunity to "start over" - perhaps to make a wrong...right!

Or, complete something not completed...or, do something not yet done.

A new begin again!

2.  The Gift of Grey Hair - I've resisted for many years, not wanting to let my hair go completely grey!  It has begun to show again...and, I need to decide what to do!

I know it really doesn't matter - I'm 64 years old, and I'm getting old - older!  And, I shouldn't be so vain; yet, I'm just not ready to be all grey!

3.  The Gift of Completion - It will surely take my whole life; but I can be certain that...

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Of that...I am certain!  Thank you, God!

October 24th
3 Gifts Accomplished

1.  The Gift of Writing - Though it is only the 24th, I have a few posts scheduled and some drafted - though many are "ideas" forming in my brain...

Yet, I feel confident that I will accomplish - I will complete - the "write31days" challenge.  With God's help, I will persevere; and I will accomplish the task!

2.  The Gift of Crafts - The days I get the chance to work on my crafts are usually very productive; and I usually accomplish what I wanted to, most often a "project" for a swap!

Thank you, God, for friends, for sharing, for creativity...

3.  The Gift of Song - My favorite shows to watch on TV are the competitions...especially those showcasing accomplished - gifted, talented, skilled singers.  They share their voices with song, and compete to see who will be the winner.  They may all be accomplished singers, but there will only be one winner!

Thank you, God, for all the beautiful singers who entertain with their accomplished voices.

October 25th
3 Gifts Enjoying

1.  The Gift of Friends - I'm sure I've lifted up my friends - many times - as a "gift"...and that's because I love them and feel "comfortable" with them.  My main circle of friends are my "scrappy" ones; but there are others at church, from work (former co-workers) and on-line.

It was a blessing to end my Sunday enjoying my friends!

2.  The Gift of Family - Many of my Fun Times are spent enjoying my family; the more (family members) who are together in one place, the better!  From birthdays, no special days, holidays...

Just days enjoying my family are a great big blessing!

3.  The Gift of Alone-ness - As much as I enjoy my friends and family, I love being alone at times...

Enjoying the quiet, the "freedom" to do what I want to do, when I want to do it; or just do nothing!

October 26th
3 Gifts Extravagant

1.  The Gift of Enough - Perhaps I do have enough; perhaps I am extravagant...buying things when I already have things!

I know we/I can cut down what is spent on groceries...I vow to do that!

And, I know I can cut down on what I spend on crafts...I vow to use what I already have!

And, perhaps I need to cut down on the events...but, they are so much FUN; and I am often blessed with help from others (to be able to attend these events).

Lord, help me to plan better; to spend more wisely; to be satisfied with enough!  Thank you that we do have enough!

2.  The Gift of Plain - I'm not an extravagant dresser!  My clothes are not expensive; I don't spend tons of money on make-up and hair and nails and spa treatments!  I am just plain old me...

Thank you, God, for the "me" you have created!

3.  The Gift of Home - Our home - our apartment - is nothing extravagant...just a simple two-bedroom/two-bathroom apartment.  Our furnishings are not extravagant...most are things bought second-hand, or even given to us.  It works for us; and we have what we need!

The most extravagant piece is the TV that was bought for us by my daughter and son-in-law when our old, ancient set went out!

Thank you, God, for our home and all the, old, second-hand, hand-made!

October 27th
A Gift Humbling, Honoring, Happy

The Gift of Encouragement - I write my blog because...well, I love to write!  I certainly don't consider myself a good writer...

Yet, I receive so many uplifting comments that encourage me to continue writing.

Today, actually the 28th since I am behind (and actually, writing this in my post on January 13th!!), I received this comment on the "write31days" challenge, written on the word "HOPE":

From my freind Helen at "Iwillbloom":

"Am so full of admiration that you've managed to write for so many days, so consistently and such high quality writing!!!"

WOW!  I would never have defined my writing as "high quality"; so humbling!  Honoring me with such words of admiration and that my writing is "high quality"!  It certainly humbles me, honors me, and makes me happy!

October 28th
3 Gifts in Christ

1.  The Gift of Compassion - Jesus showed compassion...we should do as He did and show compassion to others.  Tonight, as we interviewed a candidate for an interim minister, I felt a bit of compassion - pity - for him as he struggled with answering our questions.

God, I thank you for this person, and others we will be contacting.  Be with our committee in this process of calling an interim minister, and subsequently a senior minister.

2.  The Gift of Acceptance - I find it quite easy to accept most people.  Jesus shows us His acceptance of people in many stories...such as meeting the Samaritan woman at the well.  He spoke with her, accepted her, even though she was a Samaritan, and a woman!

This is what He expects of us; and I thank God for accepting me!

3.  The Gift of Faith - I have faith in Christ; He walked this earth as a human, just as we do.  He ministered to others, and shared the love of God.  He died so that we could all have eternal life...and having faith in Christ doesn't mean I won't suffer:

October 29th
3 Gifts on Time

1.  The Gift of a Surprise Package - Today, I am thankful for a package of Goodies I received from bloggin' friend and "planner" Dawn, who blogs at

Actually, two of the items were books I won on a giveaway a few months ago; "Tuggie the Patriot Pup" and "Tuggie the Patriot Pup - The War of 1812".  I plan to check out their website and see if there are other books; perhaps ask for a donation for Patriot Service Dogs...which is where these two books are going for the next Puppy Crop in April 2016!

Thank you, God, for surprise gifts - also included in my surprise package were a booklet of 25 devotions with a pen, and note sheets for each month!  And a sweet note from Dawn.

2.  The Gift of God's Master Plan - "For I know the plans I have for you..."

Yes, He does have our lives in His hands; and when we mess up, or choose a different road for our journey to take, He works that into His plans.

Thank you, God, for your loving care; and for planning my journey in life, even if I don't always listen or obey.

3.  The Gift of Rest - I think I've finally got it!!  To listen to the signs of my body that I am getting sick...and to rest!  I have been resting for three days now; and am feeling much better!  Richt "on time", I began resting, and it's working!

October 30th
3 Gifts Overjoyed

1.  The Gift of Fall - The weather is finally more Fall-ish than Summer-y; but still warm.  The trees are showing just a little bit of color, besides green.  I am overjoyed with the weather changing, except it also (always) brings on a cold or sinus infection...

But, I thank God for Fall!

2.  The Gift of Accomplishments - Coming to the end of October, I have successfully accomplished two challenges:

     1) The "write31days" challenge for the second year!  This year's topic was a bit more light-hearted, "31 Days of Free Writes", using the Five Minute Friday word prompts.  For a fun, silly post, read today's here.

     2)  I have (almost) completed another month of discovering God's amazing gifts.  November will be the 8th month; and I have listed a total (so far) of 554 gifts!   God is amazing!  His gifts are infinite!  I am overjoyed!

3.  The Gift of His Great Love - 

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So, I am overjoyed at all the great things He has done for me...for all the awesome gifts He continually gives...

Thank you, God, for all!!

October 31st
3 Gifts Hallowed

1.  The Gift of Our Conference Center - "We are standing on Holy Ground..."

That's what I think (sing!) whenever I step onto the grounds of the conference center - The Retreat at Silver Springs.  I feel at peace whenever I spend time there...

Thank you, God, for those people past and present who brought this beautiful place to be a part of our church!

2.  The Gift of Preaching - We have enjoyed the preaching of Pastor Larry, who has guest preached for times during our transition...

As we continue to search for an interim pastor, and ultimately a permanent senior minister, we are blessed to have many who will guest preach for us.

3.  The Gift of the Lord's Prayer - "Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be Thy Name.  Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread.  And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.  And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For Thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, forever.  Amen."

Your name, Oh God, is Hallowed...Holy and Blessed!  Praise be your name on all the earth!

And, another month of Gifts has been completed!

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