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Simple Woman's Daybook - August 22, 2016

For Today
August 22, 2016

Looking Out My Window
Today is a beautiful, sunny day; so far we haven't had our daily thunder storm...maybe we won't!

It was around 76 degrees at 10:30 this morning; and at noon was in the 80's.  I haven't been outside yet; guess I won't be going out at all today!

I am Thinking
Following up with the above - that I haven't left the apartment today - I am thinking that some days it's just so nice not to have somewhere to go; to be able to stay home and relax, or do chores on my own time, or even watch 3 or 4 episodes of a Food Network kids competition...

Yes, that's what I'm thinking today...about how nice that can be!

I am Thankful
For family and friends who help me see when I am not being the person that I should be; for pointing out my faults in a way that encourages me to do better!

One of My Favorite Things
A bowl of salty popcorn with shredded cheese sprinkled throughout, and eating it while watching a favorite show on TV...

Like "So You Think You Can Dance - Next Generation" that we will be watching tonight!  I love to see the kids performing; they are sooooo cute, and also sooooo good!!

I am Wearing
I have been waiting almost a week to be able to say this...actually, I've been waiting longer than that!!!

Today, I am wearing a pair of tan shorts and a rust shirt; and I am wear my new pair of comfy black slippers that are replacing my dirty, worn-out crocs!!

Yes!!!  I finally found the perfect pair of shoes/slippers to wear around the apartment...I just can't stand to go barefooted; I always seem to step on something that irritates my feet!

I am Crafting
I spent some time at our craft place for a "Beach-y" themed crop and completed my interpretation of the layout for the crop; pictures to come later:

"Beach Babes"
August 20, 2016

Close-up of Little Mermaid

Close-up of Mr. Crabby

I also added photos to a page I completed a few weekends ago at the Cancer Crop:

San Sebastian Winery
Birthday Wine-Tasting
August 2013

I also promised to show photos of the two swap projects I was working on; here is the Paint Chip ATC (Artist Trading Card) that I sent to my "partner" in Arkansas:

And, the Ice Cream tag swap project I sent to my "partner" in Michigan:

I am Reading
I have been reading (again) "When Your Loved One Has Dementia - A Simple Guide for Caregivers", a compilation work of several authors, and endorsed by Peter V. Rabins and Nancy L. Mace, co-authors of "The 36-Hour Day" which has also been a welcome resource for this journey with dementia!

Once I finish reading this book, I'll go back to the Karen Kingsbury series; but the next couple of weeks will be quite busy getting ready for a trip to Louisiana - the north part, not the area that has been under water.

I am Hoping
Once I get back from Louisiana, I am hoping to spend a lot of time in my craft room...

Working on getting some things put away, thrown away or given away; that will help me be able to get the room more organized so I can do some crafts at home...

My plan is to make a few more things for a craft show the first weekend in December, just in time for Christmas buying!!

I am Learning
Slow and easy, calm and quiet is the way to "win" at communicating with my husband!  And, I have learned so many other things in the book I've been reading.  The last time I picked it up, I was just scanning a few chapters or pages.

Maybe one day I will have learned what I need to know for this journey!

In My Kitchen
Chicken is thawing so I can make a casserole for dinner; not sure what else, either biscuits or cornbread...

I think I feel like eating some cornbread tonight!

Shared Quote
From the July/August 2013 issue of "Angels on Earth", this quote (or blessing) by an unknown author:

"May you always walk with the morning star to guide you, the summer sun on your back, and an angel by your side."

So, I leave this as a blessing to all!  For more information on this inspirational magazine, click here: angelsonearth.

A Moment From My Day
I know when doing Random Acts of Kindness, it's a personal, private thing; yet, I have to share this one and ask for prayers for this lady...

While checking out at the grocery store the other day, the clerk had to put my order on hold so they could check a price: I thought I had picked up a BOGO item but was charged for both.

The clerk proceeded to check out the next customer, asking her "Are you having a good day?" and the lady answered "No."  She looked sad and upset, and showed how her hands were shaking.  She said she had just taken her husband to the hospital and that he had cancer...

She had a problem getting her card to go through, and was looking for another one when I told the clerk to put her purchases on mine.  The lady started to protest, but relented...I proceeded to pay for the purchases; but before she left, I had to give her a big hug.  The clerk, the lady, and I all had tears in our eyes...

I just couldn't let that opportunity pass.  So many people have stepped up to help me out in so many ways when I needed it...

Please pray for that lady and her family; no, I didn't get a name...names are not necessary; God knows who she is.

Closing Notes
And, so ends another week; another Simple Woman's Daybook.

I pray your week is eventful, fun, and full!  
Join me again next week - hopefully.

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