Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Tuesday @ Ten - DREAM

It is time to link up with Karen for Tuesday @ Ten; I love connecting with others through our writing ... but, unfortunately, ran out of time to write on the word "LOVE".

And, here I am, once again, writing this week's post at the last minute, or almost!  But ... well, here I am!

This week's prompt is - Dream

Though I felt last week's word was an easy one to write ... I didn't!

And, this week's word kept running in and out of my mind all week.  So, here I am to write ...

I had a dream!

Nothing as life changing or earth-shattering as Martin Luther King's dream; he has been remembered many years after his famous speech.

But, I had a dream!

My dream was to work until I couldn't work any longer.

My dream was to save my pension or 401(k) so we could enjoy our retirement together, when that day came for us both.

After my husband retired, we took vacations, paid off some of our debts, helped finance our daughter's education; but I was still working.

And, when we were having issues with our house or cars, we used some of his "retirement" money for repairs and other expenses; but I was still working.

So, when I lost my job at almost 60 years old, we had no savings and none of my husband's retirement funds to help us out.  We ended up using the small amount that I had accumulated for living expenses while I was out of work.  But, we made it!

And, when I was approved for disability, everything seemed to be working out for us.

And, I still had a dream!

I dreamed that our retirement years would be full of travel and fun and adventures and being with family and connecting with family and friends we hadn't seen in a long time.

I dreamed we would enjoy our retirement life - together!

Yes, I had a dream ...

But, that dream was not to be.

Well, at least not as I had dreamed it would be!

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That's right!  My dream did not match my bank account!

But, with faith in God, we carry on with our lives.

And, though I may not have the money to do all of the things I thought I wanted to do...

I do all of the things that I enjoy doing!

Most of the time, it's with my family or my friends without my husband; though he joins us when we have any family gatherings for special occasions, or just to hang out together.

But, I really am enjoying my retirement; I really am living my dream!!

Martin Luther King had a dream; though his dream may not have come to be exactly what he wanted, he still had a dream and still believed in that dream.

And though my dreams for retirement didn't quite turn out as I wanted...

I still have a dream!

In fact, if my dreams don't have an expiration date, as this quote says...

I can continue to dream about the things I want to do; and who knows, perhaps my dreams will come true!!

So, what is your dream?  Share it if you'd like!!

And, that ends last week's Tuesday @ Ten...just in time to learn the prompt for this week!!

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