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Simple Woman's Daybook - August 8, 2016

For Today
August 8, 2016

Looking Out My Window
It is already after 11:oo a.m., and in the mid-80's...actually, that's not a bad temperature for this time of day, this time of year!

There is a chance of thunderstorms later today...but then, it's summer time in Florida and that is a typical day!

One friend shared it this way...after a long number of days without rain, her husband came in shaking off water from rain.  "What's going on?" she asked; to which he replied, "It's raining!"  She looked puzzled and said, "No it isn't"!"

Looking out the front window, it was raining!

But, looking out the was not raining!

As I said, typical summer time in Florida!

I Am Thinking

How much I really am not in the "mood" to do any writing lately; it's not really a "writer's block" issue as much as a "no inspiration" issue.

I write - and have said this many times - because I enjoy writing and it allows me to get things out that I may have kept inside, or would keep inside if I didn't share.

But, lately, I just haven't been there with it!  Well, perhaps later?!

I Am Thankful

For friends who are there for me when I need to talk; or even just sob over the phone or on their shoulder!

One of my Favorite Things
Cuddling on the couch with the cat while watching a sappy love story on TV...

I Am Wearing
A pair of black stretch pants and my gray "Challenge Accepted" from last year's "write31days" challenge...

Which I should be preparing for this October!

I Am Creating

I finished the "pocket letter" with nine ATCs (Artist Trading Cards) that was almost finished:

Made two cards in two different Make 'n Take classes:

Created a two-page layout, "Wine Tasting", for my birthday treat a few years ago (touring and tasting at San Sebastian Winery in St. Augustine, FL):

 Made several of the "Taylor" Prima doll, this one on a tag:

 And stamped and colored several of this cute little mermaid from a stamp given to me by a friend (they will either be used for a card or an ATC):

It didn't seem as if I accomplished much at the retreat; but, now that I list it all out, I guess I did!

I Am Reading
I just finished reading "Sunrise" by Karen Kingsbury; haven't started the next book in the series, but am sure I'll be reading again this week.

In the meantime, I've been reading some back issues of Guideposts and Angels magazines I picked up at church.

I Am Hoping
To have a good week; after such a great weekend, I'm hoping the happiness and joy of being with friends will carry on through the week with family and friends!

I Am Learning
That it is such a hard thing, being a caregiver for someone who really doesn't have control over his actions...or does he?!

Just when I think I am tired of how things are going, something happens to change my mind...

Life is full of surprises!

In My Kitchen
The normal Monday chores: dirty dishes in the dishwasher; pork chops thawing for dinner; first load in the washer...waiting for my suitcase and dirty clothes bag before I wash anything else!

Shared Quote

I came across this on Facebook; it seems to fit how I've been feeling the past couple of days:

A Moment From My Day
Tired and a headache; two reasons to stretch out on the couch.  I actually fell asleep, and at one point, felt the cat stretch out on my legs!

I guess a nap was just the thing to help me feel better?!

Closing Notes

My brain is so tired and emotional; I've said many times that "I love my life"...and I really do...

I am just not very good at it.  I guess I thought when I came home after being gone for four days, it would be different...

But, I was wrong!

Makes me want to leave again...

As much as I love my life, I'd love it more if I were really welcomed and loved when I did get back home.

But, I'm sounding a little selfish; because I am welcomed and loved when I get home...I just have to face the reality of what is at home:  a husband that has dementia, that is progressively getting worse; it is not the husband that treats me like he is the disease that has destroyed his brain in certain areas that causes the personality changes.

This I know; this I live with every day; and for this reason, I need God's strength and guidance each and every day...

And that ends another Simple Woman's Daybook.
Check in again next week for another "episode" of this simple woman's life!


  1. Just came across your blog from Simple Woman's Daybook. I see by reading various links here that you are trusting in God to help you through this tough season of life. And He will continue to do so. Your writing is what hurting people need so they don't feel isolated or... crazy. Somebody's got to express this stuff and you are doing a good job of it.

    I enjoyed the Glen Campbell song and photos. HIs family is good to share such personal things with us so we can all learn more what this is about and how to respond when it comes to us.

    This disease has not affected people I know well, but that doesn't mean it won't. Thanks for sharing your heart, for being real. The Lord bless you and keep you.

    1. Thank you for reading this, is really weird, and perhaps I needed to read your comment as much as you expressed others may need to read...the truth of the matter is...I did not publish this! I don't recall hitting "publish" anyway!! I have been struggling the past two days to get my writing done; I've been away a few days and have been very tired...I did not have the words to write. As you can see, some of the categories don't even have anything written...

      I'll be editing and completing the rest; but appreciate more than you know your words! Thank you for reading and for your special comments!


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