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Simple Woman's Daybook - August 31, 2015

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Well, here we are at Monday again...the days have been going by so FAST!  I don't know where they go anymore!  It's after noon and I've been doing a little of this and a little of that...

But, here is this week's post for Simple Woman's Daybook link-up; check it out!

August 31, 2015

Outside My Window:  "Sunny, with a chance of rain" could be said of most any summer day in Florida!  But the temperature is low to mid 80's, and it feels awesome...finally, the heat is dying down; or is that the humidity?!

I am Hearing:  The washing machine; the ceiling fan; and the clicking of the computer keyboard!

I am Thinking:  I need to re-focus my focus...makes sense, doesn't it?!  So much happening in our church over the next few months, or more; and I am on several committees to "usher in" changes.  I need to re-focus and listen to God's voice more...which is certainly not a bad thing!

I am Thankful:  To be a part of a loving, accepting, open, welcoming church; and I am not just referring to my home church, but the church at large - the churches in our District, in the Region (Florida) and the entire USA and Canada!

{If you are interested in learning more about the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), this link takes you to the website and you can learn Who We Are.}

I am Praying for:  Our Pastor Search Team, a smaller "Transition Team", our church board and the board chair; also continuing to lift up a couple of my friends who are recovering from hip and knee replacement (two friends; two different surgeries...one for each friend!); also a friend still receiving chemo-therapy for his Cancer.

I also wish to lift up the family of a little miracle who was recently born 11 weeks early; doctors are positive about how he is doing...

There are many others; God knows who they are.

I am Wearing:  My bright pink and tan flowery pj's!  Yep, I am still wearing pj's and it's almost 1:00 pm...

I am Creating:  Working a little on my travel pictures from the 1980's; shifting gears a little to try to make a photo book using the pictures from our vacation.  Actually, I have a coupon from the National Park we went to that allows me to get one FREE; "just pay shipping".  And if I choose one that is larger than the amount allowed, I just pay the difference...it's not the same as scrapbooking with papers and scissors...but I am trying to do it - it is free!!

I am Going:  No place today!  

Tuesday:  Hanging out with my older daughter;
Wednesday:  Scrapbooking with my friends; then attending dinner at church followed by choir rehearsal;
Thursday:  BUSY!  "On-Call" to possibly pick my grandson up from high school at around 1:30 pm; babysit for my younger daughter while she and her husband attend a Pre-School Orientation...can't believe my 4-year old grandson will be starting school!!  AND, I am scheduled to attend a Pastor Search Team meeting...what to do?!
Friday:  Rest?  Scrapbook?  Who knows...
Saturday:  I really want to drive to St. Augustine and see the lighthouse!  So...it's either that or just spend some time scrapbooking!
Sunday:  No plans other than church and maybe lunch afterwards...haven't been out with my "lunch bunch" in a few weeks!

I am retired and can do things on the spur of the moment - and I love that!  So, these plans may change with the ringing of the phone!

I am Wondering:  Hmmm?!  What am I wondering...so much I've already shared!

I am Reading:  Finished Nora Roberts; started another novel I picked up somewhere..."The House at Tyneford" by Natasha Solomons.  The back of the book says:  "It's the spring of 1938 and no longer safe to be a Jew in Vienna.  Nineteen-year-old Elise Landau is forced to leave her glittering life of parties and champagne to become a parlour main in England..."  Sounds intriguing to me; and I love reading books from that era...and my granddaughter's middle name is Elise!

I am Excited That:  Words seem to be flowing from my head; I'm writing comments that are LONG and this SWD today is FULL of words!

I am Learning to:  Pace my day so I can get things done that need to be done, and so I can also do things I want to do...

In My Kitchen:  A few vases and "knick knacks" that are going back into my bathroom...they've been cleaned and are ready to gather dust and powder and whatever else again!  Well, that is what happens to "knick knacks" when you have them!

I am Pondering:  God's Word for me...His plan for my purpose as a member of the committees or teams I mentioned above...am I truly listening for His voice in order to know His plan?

A Favorite Quote for Today:  

The Associate Regional Minister for our Region of the church, Lori Lynn Wachter, said these words during our meeting on Sunday:  "You don't get over something, you get beyond it."

How true this is in so many facets of our lives!

A Fave Scripture Thought "Be still, and know that I am God!  I am exalted among the nations, I am exalted in the earth."  (Psalm 46:10 - NRSV).

The Thought for the Day in my morning devotion says:  "Do I listen to God the way God listens to me?"

Wow!  That's a powerful thought!  Do I take the time to listen for His voice?  I know that He is always there to listen to me; am I always ready to listen to Him??

Photos to Share:

Flowers from Cathy; and a hand-made Turtle from Melissa and Blaise!

Bijou thinking what to do next; and Soren is playing with the colorful blocks...at the Museum of Science and History in Jacksonville; they have a great children's area the kids really LOVE!

Blaise poses at the back of the gardens,
with the St. Johns River
and downtown Jacksonville
in the background.

In the Gardens at the Museum:
Blaise and Melissa, left
Bijou and Soren (he's playing peek-a-boo),
and Pa Pa, right.

And, another week with the Simple Woman's Daybook comes to an end!  Check it out again next week!

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