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Simple Woman's Daybook - September 7, 2015

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September 7, 2015

MONDAY!  Labor Day...and a long weekend for those who have to work!  Well, since I am retired, the weekend is really just another two days of the week; and with an extra day added, just another day!  Sometimes we get together with family for the day; sometimes we don't!

But, here we are again!  time for The Simple Woman's Daybook linkup!

Outside My Window:  Sunny, a slight breeze, 81 degrees and partly cloudy... 

I am Hearing:  The Property Brothers on TV; the washer; and the ceiling fan.

I am Thinking About:  Projects for Christmas gifts... 

I am Thankful:  For my family - my oldest daughter and her family made a "quick trip" to NC to pick up a truck for my grandson - he turns 16 in November and his grandpa bought and fixed it up for him...

I am Praying for:  Our church and the Pastoral Search Committee...and other friends who have prayers requests that God knows about.

I am Wearing:  Jeans capris; a light blue shirt with darker blue flowers; my crocs...comfy!

I am Creating:  Putting together a puzzle to use in making something for a friend.

I am Going:  Most likely will stay home all day today; but:

Tuesday:  monthly breakfast with hubby's high school alumni; babysit in the late afternoon.
Wednesday:  dinner at church and (maybe) choir rehearsal.
Thursday:  women's meeting at church; get ready for a weekend women's spiritual retreat and board meeting.
Friday:  leave around 3 pm for the meeting; about 2 hours from home.
Saturday:  women's spiritual retreat and board meeting.  
Sunday:  Church, followed by a meeting for our Children's Arts Center anniversary celebration.

I am Wondering:  Where this year has gone?  Already September??  The end of 2015 is just around the corner...yet, some days it seems to be going in slow motion!

I am Reading:  "The House at Tyneford" by Natasha Solomons, set in 1938-39 about a young Jewish woman whose parents sent to England from Vienna to become a parlour main in England.  So far, it is a good book!

I am Excited That:  Fall - Autumn - is here!  When I really think about it, this is my favorite time of year!  So many things are changing and new things are coming...a new school year; a new season; celebrations and holidays are abundant during these last few months of the year!

I am Learning to:  Wait patiently... as our guest minister said yesterday - "Sometimes change takes a very long time.  We have to wait patiently."

In My Kitchen:  Hamburger and buns thawing; we will have "burgers 'n fries" for dinner!

I am Pondering:  Isaiah 40:27-31 (The Message Bible)

A Fave Scripture Thought:

"Why would you ever complain, O Jacob,
or, whine, Israel, saying,
'God has lost track of me.
He doesn't care what happens to me'?
Don' you know anything?
Haven't you been listening?
God doesn't come and go.  God lasts.
He's Creator of all you can see or imagine.
He doesn't get tired out,
doesn't pause to catch his breath.
And he knows everything, inside and out.

He energizes those who get tired,
gives fresh strength to dropouts.
For even young people tire and drop out,
young folk in their prime stumble and fall.
But those who wait upon God get fresh strength.
They spread their wings and soar like eagles,
They run and don't get tired,
they walk and don't lag behind."

A Favorite Quote for Today:  {Perhaps not exactly a quote, but some reasons to love Autumn...some may be a bit "fleeting" when living in Florida; but I still love wearing cozy sweaters, drinking warm drinks, cold (cooler) weather, bonfires...}.

YES!  I love Autumn!

Photos to Share:

Photos by BJLondon
Taken in the Ocala National Forest

This is what Autumn looks like in Florida - in November!

And, this is my Simple Woman's Daybook for the first Monday of September!


  1. Love these posts of yours! Those leaves are a very russet sort of red (beautiful!)....The House at Tyneford sounds like a great read (love those sorts of books!)...(wish I could join you on that spiritual retreat!)

    1. The trees actually look more colorful in "person"! I also love reading books like The House at Tyneford...if you'd like, I could send it on to you once I am done!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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