Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Time {is running out!} for this week's Tuesday @ Ten, where we have a week to write on the prompt that Karen provides for us...and it seems as it is not long enough for me some weeks!

But, here I am for this week's Tuesday @ Ten phrase prompt:

What I love Most
About Myself

Now that I have waited until the "last minute" to write this, I am not sure I even know what I love about myself; or if I could even say "I love myself".  I would have to step back and see the person that I am...

Then perhaps I could look carefully at "Me"... and see the good qualities; and decide if they are deserving of my love:

First, I would say I am a very loyal person!  I have been loyal in my relationships - marriage, friendships - and also in my career.  I have always been a loyal employee, but when raising children, it becomes hard to choose when a "home crisis" comes up within our family!  Most of the time we were able to work things out when these things happened.  But, I was always loyal to my family, first!

Then, I think back and wonder if I really was loyal in my relationships?  When was it that I lost sight of the marriage I was in and realize it was over?  Did I try hard enough to make that work?  Or, did I give up too soon?  Was I already giving up on us?

And, with my friends...we all know that our friends come and go.  Sometimes, as we are growing up, we grow away from our friends from school.  As we move from place to place, many times it's hard to keep up a regular relationship with friends and these gradually disappear.  But there are those friends that stick around forever...and I am always loyal to them.

I can also say I am a good friend; though many of my friends are in my "crafty" group of friends, there are others that I keep in touch with.  We may only see each other every few months; but when we get together, we talk forever about our families and what we have been up to since our last meeting.

There are also those friends that I have not met...yet!  We connect in other ways, like through our blogs; and in communicating back and forth via e-mail or snail mail, Facebook or Private Messages.  I still consider these friends and continue to be loyal to these as well!

Then, I question myself again...am I really available to help my friends out, if they called me in the middle of the night; or at the last minute want to get together?  Do I share my friends joys and concerns and am I there for them?  Or, am I waiting for the opportunity to focus on my needs instead?

I'm not sure about either of these: loyalty or friendship; but, if I was to choose, I'd say that these are two things that I "love" most about myself...being loyal and being a friend!

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