Monday, September 14, 2015

Blog-tember Daily - 9-12-15

As we move into another day for the 2015 Blog-tember Challenge with Bailey Jean, the prompt for today looks at what I'm up to...

And as much as I love the weekly blog with Peggy at The Simple Woman's Daybook, I was excited to see that Bailey had posted two of her posts that used a one-word prompt for today's Blog-tember post...

So, here goes:

What are you up to currently?

Reading:  "The House at Tyneford" by Natasha Solomons; just pages away from finishing the book, and will not shut my eyes tonight 'til it is done!

Playing:  Hmmm...I've been away from home since Friday afternoon, attending a meeting for the evening and all day Saturday; then Church on Sunday (yes, I am a day behind doing the 9/12 Blog-tember post!!) and another meeting.  I guess I'd have to say my "playing" is on hold 'til later!

Watching:  Later this evening, after dinner, we will find something to watch on TV.  Right now, catching up on writing these posts!

Trying:  As I said, I've been away from the computer ... catching up on reading others' blog posts; making comments; and writing my own.

Cooking:  Making it easy on myself, hot dogs and baked beans; not very "gourmet", but then, I'm not a gourmet cook anyway!

Eating:  Well, a "snack" before dinner...I had some of those yummy candy pumpkins you see at Halloween along with the candy corn!

Drinking:  A cup of Diet Pepsi.

Calling:  Need to make a phone call tomorrow (Monday, that is) and set an appointment for cardiac follow-up and one for eye exam.

Texting:  Received a text this morning as I pulled into the parking lot at church; several texts later and a "problem" has been solved.

Pinning:  Checking Pinterest for images to use on my blog posts.

Tweeting:  Guess I need to get "current" and set up a Tweet account; but, I have a "dumb" phone, not one of those "smart" ones!

Going:  I have been going a lot the past few days; I think tomorrow (Monday) I'll stay home and relax and get a few {boring} chores done!

Loving:  That I am serving on a regional board for our Disciples' Women's Ministry; the women are amazing and I am so grateful for their love and support, and for having the opportunity to serve with them.
Florida Disciples' Women's Ministry
Board Members
September 2015

Hating:  What is happening in my city, in the state, in the much bad news going around like killings and rapes and...just too much!  And, it doesn't help to listen to the "presidential" debates...

Discovering:  A lot of things about myself, with the Blog-tember posts and the "One Thousand Gifts" with Ann Voskamp.

Thinking:  That I need to get my notes organized for the various committees I serve on so I can keep up with things I need to do.

Feeling:  A little over-whelmed with so many committees; but I know if I get organized, I will be just fine!

Hoping for:  A smooth transition as we search for a new minister and music director.

Listening to:  The evening news:  deaths; our team losing their game; arrests of shooting suspects; shootings and rapes and attacks and...too much!

Celebrating:  One of the committees I am serving on is planning for the 10th Anniversary celebration for the Childrens' Arts Center we have at our church.  It will be an event full of music, and art, and drama and such a wonderful tribute to the children of our church and others that attend the center.

Smelling:  Nothing yet; I haven't started cooking yet!

Thanking:  God for the wonderful meeting we had at our conference center. I love to be where I can enjoy God's beautiful outdoors; and spend time just listening to the "music" of the birds and for the voice of God.

Considering:  A attending an inspirational meeting one Saturday in a couple of weeks.  It will be a very up-lifting meeting, full of praise and prayer and worship and connecting with women of faith!

Starting:  Another new week; another opportunity to share good times with my family and friends!

Finishing:  A week of busy-ness in planning and brain-storming, and looking forward to new and wonderful opportunities to meet with other women of faith in retreat later this year.  And planning the celebration of 10 years of a ministry in our church.

And that is what I am up to currently!

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