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Gifts Found in September - Part 2

Continuing with "Gifts Found in September"; be sure to check out Part 1 ...

September 8th
A Gift Made, Masked, Marvelled

"In His image ... made He them!"

Only God's hands could make the wonder of a child; a precious little one - just learning about the world around her; a courageous little one - such a loving, cuddly little guy, and he doesn't even know how special he is!  A fun-loving cutie who loves his super heroes - and he's pretty super himself; a "precious" man'boy, though he may not want to be considered "precious" - he is; and a beautiful young woman, trying to figure it all out, in the midst of high school tragedies and household drama...

Yes, these precious ones, "made in His image"!

September 9th
3 Gifts Framed

1.  The Gift of Fun - Several frames in my craft room hold photos of four of my grandchildren ... cartoon-ized (if that's even a word!) ... and they are all wearing sunglasses!

Love these kids and the FUN we all have together!

2.  The Gift of Connecting - The outer rim of a computer - my big screen TV-type monitor! - looks much like a frame!

Whenever I open e-mail or Facebook, I can connect with family and friends all over ... even connecting with new friends I'm hoping to meet one of these days; and so many I may never meet, yet we connect just the same!

3.  The Gift of Memories - We place a photo into a frame; every time we see that photo, our mind fills with memories ... the fun times we had; bad times, too, come to mind.

These memories will stay with us for a long time, as we treasure the person within that frame.

September 10th
3 Gifts Moving

1.  The Gift of Learning - We all go through phases of learning as children ... and one important thing is - walking!

While babysitting my grandchildren recently, I had the awesome experience of watching my youngest, 14-month old granddaughter, take four cautious steps!  It was a first, according to my daughter!

2.  The Gift of Sport - Normally, I'll sit and watch football with my husband ... not a real big fan; but when it's our team, I'll watch.

Tonight - it isn't our team; and I'm so tired ...

I can't focus to read, or write, or much of anything!

But, well, thank you, God, for sports!

3.  The Gift of Perseverance - I don't think I need to say anything more:

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September 11th
3 Hard Eucaristeos

Grace + Thanksgiving = Joy

1.  The Gift of Thanksgiving - How do I look at the date - 9/11 - without remembering?  How do I give thanks to God, as I remember all of the lives lost?

I can thank God for those who helped others; those who risked their lives, many losing their lives ...

I can thank God for those who helped bring us together - as a country, a people suffering; as an individual, trying to make sense of a senseless terrorist act on our country.

I can thank God for those who didn't lose their lives; and for those who did, and pray He continues to lift up their families.

I can thank God for our country, what we stand for, and who we put our hope in ...

I can remember; I will never forget!

The following was shared on Facebook, but I don't know who wrote these words ... but they are so appropriate:

"I will remember.  I will remember those lost.  I will remember the injured.  I will remember those that rose in service, at home and on the battlefield.

I will remember the spirit of unity.  I will remember how strangers became neighbors.  I will remember how we put aside our differences.

I will remember how I felt.  I will remember by making a difference.  I will remember by doing a good deed.  I will remember.  I will."

And, I will continue to thank God for those men and women who came to help, not out of "duty", but out of "necessity"; not because they "had" to; but because they "wanted" to help our country ...

We fly our flag of the United States of America proudly!  We thank our God every day for all things He has blessed us with.  We thank God ...

We will remember ... we will!!

We will never forget...

2.  The Gift of Grace - Our lesson for Disciples' Women yesterday began a series on "Women of the Bible."  Taken from Luke 2:21 - 38, the summary of the lesson (found in the Spring 2015 edition of "Just Women" magazine) states:

"Anna is able to recognize Jesus' role and calling when he is brought to the temple as an infant because she is in a place where revelation is likely; she practices her spirituality; and she gives voice to what she understands - three decisions we can follow in our own lives."

The name Anna means "grace" ... and this poem/prayer helps us to "recognize grace" ... as today we not only focus on "thanksgiving" in times of trouble, but also "grace" and the coming "joy" that we will surely find in Jesus Christ.

How to Recognize Grace
by Marilyn Chandler McEntyre

"It takes you by surprise
It comes in odd packages
It sometimes looks like loss
Or mistakes
It acts like rain
Or like a seed
It's both reliable
and unpredictable
It's not what you were aiming at
Or what you thought you deserved
It supplies what you need
Not necessarily what you want
It grows you up
And lets you be a child
It reminds you you're not in control
And that not being in control
Is a form of freedom."

3.  The Gift of Joy - 
So, though we are called to give thanks to God ... in ALL things ... and we see His Grace in many sizes, shapes and forms, and at many surprising times ...

And, though on a day when we are remembering such tragedy 14 years ago ...

We can still see that through the Thanksgiving and Grace ... we can still find Joy ... Holy Joy!

September 12th
3 Gifts in His Word

1.  The Gift of Friends - These words from Philippians 4:1 in the Message Bible are my thoughts today about the friends I've made working on the Regional Disciples' Womens Board:

"My dear, dear friends!  I love you so much.  I do want the very best for you.  You make me feel such joy, fill me with such pride.  Don't waiver.  Stay on track, steady in God."

2.  The Gift of Unity - "If one part suffers, every part suffers with it; if one part is honored, every part rejoices with it."  {1 Corinthians 12:26 NIV}

We are called, not only as a part of God's church, but as a part of a family ... to be united as one in a family is to support and "be there for" your family members.  "In sickness or in health" does not only apply to a married couple!

United as a church means we stand together in our beliefs, yet we support and honor each other in our individuality ... we realize that, being united, we will not always "see eye to eye"; but love and respect each other in our differences.  Yet, we stand as a united body, as one, in God's work.

3.  The Gift of Life - I have probably shared this "gift" before - in relation to an incident almost 17 years ago.

I have probably shared this scripture before, also!  But, this verse for today's "gift" is most appropriate with that "anniversary" just around the corner ... So, Psalm 116:1-4 (NRSV):

"I love the Lord,
because he has heard my voice
and my supplications.
Because he inclined his ear to me
therefore I will call on him as long as I live.
The snares of death encompassed me;
the pangs of Sheol laid hold on me;
I suffered distress and anguish.
Then I called on the name of the Lord:
'O lord, I pray, save my life!' "

Yes, He literally saved my life that day ... and a few other "close calls."  So, He must have plans for my life!

Thank you, God ... what more can I say?

September 13th
A Gift Scented, Scrawled, Started

I received a note from Tracey, who is our out-going president of Disciples' Women Ministry ... out-going because she is moving to Texas for a new job.  We wish her well, but miss her leadership and "forward-thinking" ideas.

But, we are left in good hands with Linda!

September 14th
3 Gifts Drawn

1.  The Gift of Art - Melissa (my youngest daughter) came over for a short visit today; and while they were here, Blaise (four-years old) drew a picture of a turtle for me!  He loves to draw, and loves to draw here at MeMaws!  We need a sleepover!

{This is an earlier photo of his drawing skills; but, he still loves to draw!}

2.  The Gift of Relaxing - The water has been drawn; a nice warm tub filled almost to the brim ... a very inviting, relaxing, warm bath -

Just what is needed after a long busy day!

Thank you, God, for times to relax!

3.  The Gift of Closeness - When we live in the way God wold have us live, we will draw close to Him, and He will draw us closer to Him.

Have I drawn close to God?  I pray I can, and will!

Be sure to check back for "Gifts Found in September - Part 3".

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