Saturday, September 19, 2015

Blog-tember Daily - 9-16-15

Today's prompt for 2015 Blog-tember, with Bailey Jean, is a very difficult "challenge" ... as are many of these thought-provoking prompts; at least, they are difficult for me!

So, the prompt for today is:

The Real You vs. The Online You;
Are they the same, or different?

I don't find it very easy to talk about ME; as in, how I feel or what I think or...yeah, is this really me on Facebook, or on my Blog?

Is it?  I've been thinking about this for a couple of days; so, what have I decided?  Hmmm ...

I find it easier to "speak my mind" when I am typing - like on Facebook, commenting on someone's post; or when I am blogging.  Somehow, I feel the words just flow from my heart, to my fingers as they fly across the keyboard.

I don't think I am a "different" person, other than that ability to "speak" freely.  And, yes, maybe I do speak more freely than I would if it was a person to person conversation.

And, I know I am much less frustrated at trying to speak loud enough for someone to hear me...because when someone is reading your words, do they really know how you are feeling; that you are frustrated or worried or sad or happy or...whatever?

Well, the answer to that is - yes, probably!  Because, as we continuously read each other's blogs, and comments and statements...yes, I do think we "get to know each other"...

And that brings it back I the same person "on screen" as I am "off screen".

Perhaps!  Maybe!  I think so!


  1. It is so important to be who God created you to be whether online or in person. Thank you for sharing. It is an interesting question.

    1. Thank you for reading and IS an interesting question, isn't it?!


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