Monday, September 7, 2015

Blog-tember Daily - 9-7-15

During the month of September, I am joining Bailey Jean and others for The 2015 Blog-tember Challenge!  

Each day has a prompt phrase or question to answer; then we link up at Bailey Jean's blog and connect with other bloggers...and there are a lot of them!!

The prompt for September 7th is:

Tell us about your blog name;
where did it come from?

My blog name?  That is very funny!  My blog name is "Barbara's Blog" could belong to almost any blogger whose name is "Barbara"! is mine!

The truth is, I am new at this blogging thing!  I just discovered it last September when a friend of mine set up a blog so she could share scrapbooking layouts; and since I am an avid scrapbooker, I started following!

Hence, when I chose my blog address, I used ""...

But my blog is not about scrapbooking; although I do share a lot about my hobby and often post layouts and other crafts I have done.

I have actually thought about changing it to something else to re-focus on what I am actually sharing on the blog; but thought it would create more issues than solve the problem!

{Perhaps I could change it to  ""??? How original!!!}

No, my blog is more than that!  Originally the "tag line" was "Journey with Dementia's Demands" because I shared stories, poems and other information about my journey with my husband and his vascular dementia.

After completing the "write31days" challenge in October 2014, I continued writing about other things, mostly following "prompted" blogs.  I decided to change the "tag line" to read "Journey with Dementia's Demands and other Life Stories" to state more clearly what my blog was all about.

I have shared fun blogs, like an all-day account of "babysitting the grandchild"; or surprising finds, as in the letter I found written by my grandmother I never met.  I have shared about events attended; prayers and poems I've written...

There are stories of "survival" - the attack of almost 17 years ago - and facing fear with courage.  Many times I just write what I am feeling in my heart, soul...the words that keep forming in my head!

And, I guess that's the whole reason for even continuing to blog...

It helps me get it out!  And, I pray it helps others who may need just the words I have shared!

Nothing really special or earth-shattering...

Just a little bit here and there about Barbara and her journey through life as shared on Barbara's Blog!

So, come along with me...the journey is much more fun when a friend is coming along with me!!


  1. I too am an avid scrapbooker and too the reason I started blogging (hence the name of my blog) I have recently branched out to include this challenge and the #Listers Gotta List challenge. I try to keep mine focused on projects. If I find myself writing something too personal, I always delete it. I fear if I just let the feelings fly I have exposed too much of myself and may regret it later. I think it is great that you have moved passed that and are helping others.

    1. Sharon, it isn't always easy to share those personal, deep down inside things about ourselves. In fact, many people are not quite the "open book" that I am. It's a wonder I still share so much, because sometimes I have shared something (work-related) and been stabbed in the back from what I any case, I felt when I first started that writing about the dementia and our journey would be helpful to me, and hoped it would be helpful to others.

      I love scrapbooking and am sometimes very obsessive about it; but it does fill in the hours!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. How wonderful to find a letter from your Grandmother, such a blessing to have a connection with someone who would have loved you so much if she'd only been given the chance to meet you. My little blog originally started as a way for me to journal the organizing work we were doing in our home, although there are recipes, thoughts and coping mechanisms for living with chronic illness too. Blogging is such a wonderful way to put our feelings onto "paper" It's also a great way to meet other like minded people too Fellow bloggers have been so friendly and generous in sharing hints on the technical side of blogging too. Sending hugs Barbara x

    1. Blogging does give us the opportunity to get our thoughts onto paper, get them "out"; it also helps us to connect and I love that about it!

      I did not provide a link to "the rest of the story" about my grandmother; you can find it here if you'd like to read grandmother actually died in childbirth, giving birth to my mother and her twin brother...

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. I *love* your blog, Barbara.....and it's so very 'Barbara'; I hope you never change the name!!

    1. Thank you! I guess it IS "me"! The only name I think I'd like to change would be the "address" (URL??)...because it makes it sound as if it's all about scrapbooking...and I "think" I share so much more!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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