Sunday, December 7, 2014

Random Journal Day - December 5

In the quiet of this place,

I come to you, O God.  My words slowly flow through my heart and soul, to my brain and into my fingertips, writing across this EMPTY page -

empty as I sometimes feel when I look at what I have come through.  EMPTY as I need to pour myself out to you; to ask forgiveness for my impatience, my neglect of those things that I need to be focusing on at this time.

My life is an open book for you to fill with the LOVE and GRACE that you so freely give.

My heart is full of LOVE for my family, yet I find it hard to be the wife you expect me to be.

The IMPATIENCE and FRUSTRATION do not show a loving attitude toward one who is unaware of the hurt he is causing,

because he is not in control of how he acts or reacts; BECAUSE HE IS SUFFERING TOO,

yet silently - with a dementia that is taking away his ability to do these things.

I pray for the PATIENCE I need to help him in whatever ways I need to;

I pray to be the loving, understanding wife I need to be.

Help me to make right decisions - for him; for me; FOR US.

Guide my feet on the right path, and give me the PEACE and ASSURANCE that I am making the right decisions for us.

Thank you for TIME to reflect in these beautiful surroundings.

Thank you for the speaker whose words are "hitting the mark" - words I need to hear so I can make decisions.

Thank you for your AMAZING GRACE that is freely given - and freely received.

Thank you for slowing me down when I need to, and guiding me where You want me to be.

As I follow your path, be by side so I stay on the right path and don't stray.

Thank you for listening, hearing, reading - and for the QUIET PLACE to open myself to you.

May I know you are always by my side - all I need do is reach out...

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  1. So beautiful even though painful. Your true thoughts and desires are evident here. God does hear the sighs of your heart dear one. Thank you for being brave enough to share this with us for Random Journal Day!

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting; I am getting better at this sharing thing...this one was written in November while at a women's retreat and I just found it (again) in my notebook I had at the retreat. I am using it to keep my blogging "projects" organized...or somewhat organized! Happy to share - love writing; and these "prompted" writings help get me into the "mood" to write!!

  2. Barbara- What an honor to be invited in to your prayer...your quiet place...I pray that God is continuing to guide you and hold you close as you go through such a difficult time with your husband...

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting, Kel! It was the 1st entry I happened to find when I decided to go ahead with the RJD link-up! Planning to give it a try for January!

  3. Hi Barbara!

    Thank you so much for joining us. Your words so resonate with me in the sense of the baring all before Him. The yielding in the pain. There is such beauty even in our aching hearts as we lift them up to Him. Thank you for being brave enough to share your words, your heart. May He be faithful (and He will be; IS) to guide you, comfort you...slow you down. I love that line. I know that path.

    Sending a hug, and a prayer for you and yours. Oh, I do hope you come again and be a regular with us. In His Grace, Dawn

    1. Barbara: Thank you for letting us into your inner sanctum and for sharing such a tender area of your life. God is good and He will help you through the rough times. Blessings on you during this Advent season.

    2. Thank you - quietspirit! Appreciate your reading and should not be so hard to rely on God because He IS good and will help us through our rough times...blessings on you this Advent season, too!


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