Thursday, February 5, 2015


It's Tuesday - and that means...

Time for this week's link up with Karen Beth for Tuesday @ Ten where we have a full week to write on the word prompt.

This week's word is:


Forgiving does not come easy for me.  I am a very giving person and also a very open person.  I have shared a lot of my life, my thoughts, my ideas, my desires, my hurts and fears...with those whom I thought were friends.


It has not always turned out for the best - at least not for me!
Many of these "so-called friends" in my past have done things that hurt me deeply; some even messing with my job (or career?!).

Not only have jobs been jeopardized, but it hurt mentally, making me feel as if I were incompetent, no self esteem, no confidence in myself.

I have been mentally and verbally hurt by those closest to me... 

I was physically attacked by a "habitual offender"...

And through all of this, I have known that I needed to (eventually) forgive -

I knew that if I didn't forgive those who hurt me in these various ways...

I would continue to be their "victim";  I would be the one destroyed by their hurtful ways because I continued to harbor it all in my head and my mind and my heart.

God doesn't want this for me - He doesn't want this for any of us.  He wants us to forgive one another because He has forgiven me - and you.

So, I have forgiven - 

I have forgiven those who went behind my back and jeopardized my job(s); I have forgiven those who have hurt me with their words; I have forgiven those who made me feel incompetent and lose my self esteem and self confidence; I have forgiven  the one who physically attacked me...

Because my heart can't take keeping these things alive...

Yes, I do remember the circumstances and instances where I was hurt; but not as clearly as when they first happened.  I know that I cannot continue to have these thoughts in my heart...

So, just as I have been forgiven by God, I know he wants me to forgive others; this is His command to us in Ephesians.  And, I can honestly say...

I have forgiven them.


  1. Some things I can forgive...but I'm lying to myself if I think I can forgive everything. Strictly speaking, we're supposed to forgive ISIS. even though its members don't ask for it...but given the opportunity to deal with them, with prejudice, I would, and with no regrets.

    On the whole I do find it easier to forgive things that were done to me, personally, than to give a pass to those who would torture and kill the innocent.

    1. Yes, it would be hard to forgive those you speak of - ISIS for one - and I guess my boasting about forgiveness seems petty in the face of such horror. Forgive THEM?! It's hard...for sure! IS easier to forgive that which has been done TO US personally.

      Thank you for reading and sharing your thoughts, Andrew. I can always depend on you to open my eyes to other views...thank you for that!!

  2. Love your post, Barbara...I saw this week's prompt and decided I'd write about it as I have many of the same thoughts as you do about forgiveness.....(but the words have not yet come). [I've been reading Ephesians this favourite part yet!]

    1. The words will come - eventually! Mine don't always come easily or quickly either...I pondered over this one a while before I posted it.

      And, am still pondering over "rules for happy living" in the Fab-ruary posts for the 4th...I will get them done though!

  3. May God assist you in being able to forgive and find freedom in His peace.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting, Hilary! There have been people I found hard to forgive; but I truly feel in my heart that I have...but not on my own!


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