Saturday, February 14, 2015

Kindness Counts Friday - Received, Given, Observed

Linking up with Helen at on this Friday the 13th for Kindness Counts Friday.

As I continue to share on Kindness Counts Fridays, I am encouraged to become more aware of the kindnesses I see around me.

But, being sick most of this week, I haven't ventured out from the apartment much...

So, here's a limited list:

Kindness Received

  • My husband - yes, the one that has a hard time showing emotion or giving complements! - on one of his walks the other day, came back with a heart-shaped box of chocolates, for me!  Can you feel my surprise?!
  • And...get ready for this one!  Watching TV recently, a commercial came on with Sofia Vegara and he commented about how beautiful she was.  I remarked that, yes she was beautiful; but she had plenty of money to keep herself that way!  His reply?  "Well, I think you are beautiful!"  Now, can you feel the shock?!
Since we spent most of the week together...this is the kindness that I received this week!

Kindness Given
  • While at the laboratory for my husband's blood work, I was sitting among others who had been waiting for quite some time.  We learned the first time visiting that lab...make an appointment, which we did for this one!  When my husband went in just ahead of an older woman, she cut her eyes at me and kept staring, as if I had done something wrong...a couple of minutes later, she was called back; but I heard her granddaughter talking to someone on the phone that they had been waiting for over an hour!!  I started a conversation with the two remaining couples, and suggested they make appointments in the future.  When the younger couple were called back, I continued the conversation with the other couple.
This may not sound like much, but carrying on a conversation with them seemed to ease the wait time.

Kindness Observed
  • The love, support, encouragement, prayers of the Facebook groups:  31 Day Survivors, Inspired Bloggers Network, FMF Party Snail Mail Rounds (4 and 5 - these are the two I've been a part of), and my blog FB Blog Page "Barbara's Journey".
  • The same can be said of those who visit others' blogs and leave comments.  For me, the comments are what keep me writing; I feel the love, support, and encouragement through those comments; and when needed, I feel the prayers, too!

So, I am on the watch for Kindnesses to share next week!

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  1. Kindness counts. Yes, I love this, Barbara. To name and appreciate the lovely ways people have blessed us honors them, cheers us, makes Him smile.

    Valentine's blessings!


    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! I have heard "count your blessings" for so long in our Christian Women's Fellowship; and Kindness wasn't clicking at first. It IS basically the same, but I just didn't get the words to do this challenge...but last week and this one - they came to me and here I am!! Looking forward to reading others.

  2. Very nice post, and you have great powers of observation.

    And a wonderful voice.

    1. Thank you Andrew! I am learning...this "old lady" is learning!!!

      Appreciate your reading and commenting...I AM learning thanks to what I am reading and taking in from others' blogs, from my Bible reading and devotions (each morning, and am getting better at doing that each morning!). Loved your "When Marriage Turns Boring" post, too!!


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