Sunday, October 25, 2015


In the midst of the "write31days" challenge, I am taking a "break" and joining Karen Beth  for Tuesday @ Ten.

Today's word is:  COURAGE

Courage; being courageous...

Being brave!

If you have read even a few of the posts that are written for the 31 day challenge...

And any other of the many posts shared on Facebook in some of the groups I follow...

You will see there are so many brave and courageous women "out there"...

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These women open their hearts and share the very depths of their souls.

They write about abuse and hurt and love and loss and pain and joy and happiness and...

Well, you name it!  You can find someone's post written on that emotion or situation.  I am often surprised at how vulnerable a person's writing can be as they open up and share.

The written words found on these posts - so heart-breaking and heart-warming and inspiring all at the same time!

In just a few words, you can feel their hurt, their pain, their loss, their joy and happiness...sometimes all rolled up into one situation!

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And, somehow I relate with these women; perhaps because I have shared so much of ME in my posts, as well!  I write from the heart; and hope that what I share helps at least one person.  If so, then I feel I've done what I set out to do...

Encourage, inspire, build up another's self-esteem a bit!

And, I know that whatever comes my way - whatever comes our way - ALL of us! - we know who will be with us on that journey!

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 And, He will never lead us astray!

So, be brave!  Be courageous!


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  2. Thanks for cheering us on. Cheering you on too!


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