Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Day 19 - 2015 - HONOR

Today's word is Honor...

Though I never spent time as a Girl Scout - my daughters were scouts for a short time ... until they became interested in other things.

So, when I first read "Honor" for today's word, the Girl Scout Promise came to mind...

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Yes, that is what came to mind!

"On my honor..."  

Not on the honor of somebody else; but my honor.

It is up to me to be honorable; to be respected.  And, to be respectable to others...

According to the scriptures, honor and respectability are certainly not new!

Exodus 20:12 says,

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This verse was so important...

It was actually repeated in Ephesians!

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If we respect our parents when we are children, we will have learned the basics of being honorable or respectful to others as well.

I can actually remember as a teenager making decisions based on that respect of my parents and myself ...

If I felt it would not be honorable or respectful to my parents or myself, it was not something I should be doing - whatever "it" a teenager (back then) would become involved in!

Did I always think that way?  Probably not!  Do we always think about being honorable or respectful to our parents; ourselves; even to God - before we do something?

Ponder that for a while...I won't presume to answer that for anyone other than myself; and I'd have to say,

"No, I don't think I have always thought about honor or respect before I would do something...

BUT... it was something that I learned as a child; and it was there - most of the time - as I made my decisions."

So, Honor... On my honor!

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