Thursday, October 8, 2015

Day 7 - 2015 - LOVE

It's just a word, isn't it?

A word to show how

we feel about something -

I love my cat; or

I love that necklace you are wearing;

or even...

I love ice cream!

BUT - 

LOVE is more than that;

LOVE goes much more deeply than that!

To love someone is much more...

Loving someone comes from inside -

It shows more how we feel

About someone

Rather than something!

That kind of LOVE comes from the soul;

the deepest parts of our soul...

the parts that nobody sees;

Yet, it lies there deep within...

Only to be shared by that special someone!

LOVE causes our hearts to flutter,

our stomachs to do flip flops!

LOVE keeps us awake at night...

we can't stop thinking about

that special someone!

We can't even understand

how we can feel this way...

But, we know that feeling is special;

it goes beyond anything we can

ever conceive of ...

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So, find that special someone...

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And once you have found that special someone...

Hold on tight!

Never let go...

Keep them close and

LOVE that someone


This is Day 7 of "31 Days of Free Writes", linking up with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday group.  Check out all of my "Free Write" posts in this series here.  For more information on the "Write31Days" challenge, click here.


  1. This made me smile. Thanks for writing what's in your heart.

    1. Glad it made you smile, Robin! I also wrote for Tuesday @ Ten, which is also "Love" for last week: I wrote a different take on love - self-love!

      Thanks for reading and commenting! I am sooooo behind on reading others' blogs, but will do what I can to read!!

  2. Beautiful! I love this post! (Ya see what I did there?) ;)

    1. Yep! We just can't get away from using that word, can we? I also wrote on "love" for Tuesday @ Ten last week's word! Check it out if you have time!!

      Appreciate your reading and commenting.

  3. "Love-ly" post. :-) I love the Dr. Seuss quote!

    1. Thank you for reading, Barbara H.!! I love Dr. Seuss quotes...also wrote about "love" for Tuesday ! Ten:

  4. Feeling so blessed right now as I am reminded of how loved I am. Thank you for sharing this. :)

    1. So happy to hear you are feeling blessed! You ARE loved!! Don't forget to love yourself, too! I wrote about that on Tuesday @ Ten for last week's word which was also "love"!

      Appreciate your reading, Jennifer and leaving a comment!

  5. Love also opens our heart with compassion for those who need compassion and grace for those who need forgiveness :).

    1. Oh yes...there are so many aspects to love it was hard for me to get it written; and I also wrote about it for Tuesday @ Ten last week!

  6. I think the English language is sorely missing more words for love. Greek has specific words for different kinds of love which makes so much sense! Those feelings are wonderful. I have also come to learn that love is just as much a choice as a feeling though. I choose to love my husband of 11 years every day even at those times when the butterfly feelings are buried deep. It gets us through the tough times until we get back to those feelings again.

    1. Yes, Jo! I totally agree about the language! Other languages have such beautiful words for the blah words of the English language! And, love IS a choice! There are many days I am not even sure I LOVE my husband anymore; but I know I's just hard with being a caregiver and the way he can be sometimes...but, we do choose how and who to love!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  7. We've gotten so good at throwing that term around, but it us so much more. Great post!

    1. Thanks, Tara! Appreciate your reading and commenting!

  8. Loving someone forever is a great thing! Thanks for reminding me just how special it is!

    1. Thank you Teresa! Appreciate your reading...I WILL get caught up on reading; although, I am so enjoying your Postcards from October!!


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