Tuesday, October 13, 2015


So many of us are involved in writing for the 31 Day challenge; and I am no exception.  However, Karen is continuing to post a prompt for Tuesday @ Ten during October; so I will continue to write for her prompt phrase or word... 

It has just taken me the whole week to even have time - or an idea to "write" about...

And what an appropriate word for this week:


 Actually, I find this not only an appropriate word to have during this challenge month; but also a little comical!  We are all writing, aren't we?!

All I have focused on the past week and a half has been writing...

  • Write my 31 Day posts ahead of time through the 13th since I had several meetings and a retreat that would take me away from my computer for several days!
  • Continue to write the posts that I usually follow:  Simple Woman's Daybook; Tuesday @ Ten; Random Journal Day; and the 1000 Gifts that I am posting in weekly.
  • And, there are the daily devotions and Bible reading that I do, which includes writing in a journal;
  • And, last but not least, is my "regular" journal writing!
So, I may have been missing online; I've also had problems getting reading done...

But, the time will come!

I'll end with a few quotes about writing {I'm sure there are many many more; but am not going to take the time to look for them!}

I do enjoy writing; and I have been doing quite a lot of it lately...

And I appreciate all those who take the opportunity to read my posts and make comments - they encourage me to continue writing!

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