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Gifts Found in September - Part 4

In the midst of postings for the "write31days" challenge, I am getting the 4th Part of "Gifts Found in September" posted...

No matter what we find ourselves in the midst of, God continues to show blessings - gifts - surprising blessings and gifts!

Check out those found the rest of the month of September in Part 1, Part 2 and Part 3.

September 22nd
A Gift Rattling, Receding, Reclaiming

The Gift of :Re-Do's":  I claim to be a Christian; I say, openly, that I believe in God; that I know He sent His Son to die for us, for our sins.  He hears my cries; He has "plans" for my life; He calls me "Friend"...

He hears all of our cries; He has plans for all of our lives; He calls us "Friend"...

I claim this; I know this!  Today, I am re-claiming His love for me!

Thank you, God, for Your endless Gifts!

September 23rd
3 Gifts Quiet

1.  The Gift of "Early":  The outside is still quiet; the darkness surrounds he dya that is not yet new.  I sit in the quiet of this early morning, preparing myself for the day.

Though I am not an early-riser most days, I do enjoy the early morning quiet.

Thank you, God, for those times of quiet reflection.

2.  The Gift of "Being Quiet":  Quiet is not just what surrounds you...a person can just sit, alone, not speaking or talking or being in conversation with others.

"Just because..."

Sitting - alone - being quiet...doesn't mean I'm in a bad mood!

So, don't just assume I am in a Bad Mood!  I may just wish to sit here being quiet!

3.  The Gift of Silence:  Just another word for "quiet"...silence allows you to "Be still" in the quietness surrounding you; allows you to "hear".  God's voice can be heard in the stillness, above the noise of life..."Be still!"  Listen for God's the silence - the quiet - of the day.

September 24th
3 Gifts Funny

1.  The Gift of Childhood:  A group of 4 to 7-year olds, waiting patiently, quietly (?) for their graduation from one "Tiny Tigers" belt in Karate to another...not FUNNY, but having so much FUN, running around, full of energy...


...Mr. Roderick comes into the room and they automatically - (immediately upon seeing him!) - settle down and sit as they have been taught to sit.

Now that is FUNNY!!

Thank you, God, for energetic children, and for respected, commanding (silently) adults!

2.  The Gift of Laughter:  My grandchildren can make some really funny faces - and they make me smile...actually, they make me laugh out loud!

Thank you, God, for the funny "little ones"!

3.  The Gift of Entertainment:  The show, "America's Funniest Home Videos" can be really funny...some "funny" are actually "Oh, no!" or "Ouch!"; but, we laugh at the antics of men, women, children of all ages, and animals of all kinds.

Thanking God for smiles, and fun, and funny, and laughter!

September 25th
3 Gifts Finished

1.  The Gift of Race:  Just when the race has is finished!  The TV show, "The Amazing Race", premiered tonight for this season.  We enjoy watchcing the teams race around the world, performing various challenges each week, eliminating team after team after team...until the last team standing - or running! - wins the big cash prize, a million dollars!

But, for one team, their first race was their last race - their "amazing race" is finished...yet, the experience will bind them together as friends.

Thank God for friends that work together in a race!

2.  The Gift of Eternal Life:  Finished - over - ended - no more...

It is Finished!

Our Savior died an ugly death, hanging on a cross.  Yet, His death was not in vain; He did it for us - an ungrateful world.  And, He died willingly!  He knew what was to come...

Yes!  He knew what was to come...The ending was a beginning - for us!  "He is not dead; He is alive!  He has risen"

...and our lives are not finished - over - ended...

for even when our life is "no more", we will meet our Heavenly Father for all eternity.  Amen!  Thank you God!

3.  The Gift of Sharing:  Once we finish a scrapbook layout, we share what we have created with our friends - in person or online.  My work inspires others; the work others do inspires me...

We share, connect, create, encourage!  Thank you, God, for the gifts of sharing, connecting, creating, encouraging, and for finished projects!

September 26th
3 Gifts Flourishing

1.  The Gift of Music:  With a flourish, the band director waves his arms in the air, back and forth, up and down, giding the orchestra in playing a beautiful melody...

A group of young people sharing their talents - gifts!  A true "flourish" or fanfare of trumpets, and all the rest of the orchestra join together to create their music.

2.  The Gift of Writing/Script:  A person's handwriting can be so different, one persons to another.  The typed word has become so much more common than the hand-written word.  In fact, many states don't even teach cursive writing in the schools anymore!

I personally love the beautiful, cursive, flourish of a writing that flows in a large curve of handwriting...and think it's wrong not to be teaching it anymore.

3.  The Gift of Decorating:  And, there are other "flourishes" - the kind that "embellish" or decorate...home, scrappin'...a decorative style that swirls and circles and...well, take a look at a few:

September 27th
A Gift Unexpected, Uneven, Unpopular

The Gift of "Mail":  If "e-mail" counts - and in this technological world we live in today, I'd say it does count!

So, I received an e-mail from my friend checking up on me!  I had been thinking about her after that last book I read, which reminded me so much of things she has gone through in her past...but, she wrote me before I wrote her - unexpected!

Always enjoy receiving mail whether real mail or e-mail!  Thank you, God, for friends, for connecting through whatever method of communication we can!

September 28th
3 Gifts Shy

1.  The Gift of Feelings:  Most people who really know me would laugh to hear me say that I am really a shy person. 

Once I get to know someone, I am able to open up to them with my feelings, worries, concerns, etd. - but only if I feel comfortable to do that.

So, once you stop laughing long enough to think it through, you will realize I am shy in some situation, while not in others.  It not only depends on the depends on the situation!

2.  The Gift of Innocence:  Hiding behind their mommies (or daddies), turning their head away from a stranger...most babies and toddlers can be quite shy, unless they know osmeone...much like an adult - how I feel at times!

I thank God for the innocence of these little ones; a good trait to have is shyness, being leary of strangers.  there is too much going on in our world, our country, our state, even our city!  Too much to harm our innocent little ones...God, I pray your protection over our sweet little ones!

3.  The Gift of Enough:  Well, the "puppy crop" is about 2 weeks away; actually, 11 days to the first day.  My retreat is paid for, except for about $7 that pays for an extra day on Monday October 12th, which is Columbus Day.  I am a bit "shy" of funds for that extra day, and for raffle tickets and an event layout...

I consider this a "gift" because - I may be "shy" of funds, but the retreat is basically paid for - and much of it was paid for by friends who donated to my fee!  God has blessed me with enough and the other things are not needs, they are wants!  I can enjoy my friends and my hobby just as well with the "enough" that I already have!

Thank you, God, for the "gifts" - blessings - you have given me.  So many of my friends help me to be able to enjoy these retreats; I am so grateful for my friends and the blessings they bestow upon me...I am truly blessed, and over-flowing with "grateful gratitude"!

September 29th
3 Gifts Shelved

1.  The Gift of Learning:  I have many books, shelved and ready to help me figure things out - a definition; a Scrabble word suggestion; a rhyme or synonym...whatever book I need to "reference"; or even a self-help book.

Learning never ends; at least it shouldn't!  Thank you, God, for books we can learn from.

2.  The Gift of Dreaming - As I pull another book that has been shelved on one of my book shelves, I wonder where my next adventure will take me.  I begin to dream of running carefree across a mountain top; or lying in a hammock beside the ocean; or...where will it take me?

I am grateful for all of the creative writers who can take us away to an adventure in our dreams!

3.  The Gift of Plenty:  There are many places where we can find books shelved:  book stores, regular stores, used book stores, antique book stores, even grocery stores and yard sales!

In this day of technologh, and the resources available online or on "Kindles" or other downloadable sources...

I still prefer to hold that "real" book in my hands - and thankfully there are still plenty available!

September 30th
3 Gifts Shining

1.  The Gift of Stars:  Bright and twinkling, high up in the sky, millions of tiny shining start...

Yet, so far away, and larger than we could imagine.

God knows their numbers just as He knows the inner-most thoughts we have!

2.  The Gift of Example:  By letting our lives shine, we can be an example to others of the love that God can give them.  If our lives reflect good, they will see the good shining through us; if our lives reflect bad...

Let our light shine through us so others see God...

Actually, C. S. Lewis said it a little better:  "Don't shine so others can see you.  Shine so that through you others can see Him."

3.  The Gift of Bright and Night:  Another way of saying "day and night"...the daylight brings the bright, and the night brings the dark.  But...

Unless it is dark outside, the stars can't shine; they will not be seen.  And, if we don't experience a bit of that will our stars shine? will others see our brightness?

Another month of "Gifts" has come to an end, finding 473 awesome gifts since April 2015!

Continuing in October...come check out what other gifts I find!

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