Saturday, July 9, 2016

Furry Friends - Prompt 3/21


Whether it be a cat or a dog, a bunny or a turtle, or a fish...well, a turtle isn't exactly "furry"; neither is a fish!

But, many people have some kind of pet that lives with them as part of the family!

In my case, it's a cat; an almost-4-year old tuxedo cat we adopted when she was a little over a year old.

Midnight - on Adoption Day 9-19-13
{it didn't take her long to discover the bed!}

Midnight brings me love - unconditional love; she brings me comfort when I am sad or lonely or upset; she brings me happiness and joy when I watch her running across the room with her toys (or mine, when she discovers a roll of yarn or ribbon I let fall).

Midnight is a wonderful part of my life.

But, does my life depend on having her around?  I could say, "No, not really" ... but I would miss having her cuddling with me while I watch TV at night; I would miss having her stretch out beside the keyboard while I am writing or reading or surfing the 'net!

If Midnight wasn't around, if I didn't have a pet, I would find the unconditional love from my family members or friends; I'd find comfort and happiness and joy from others...

Yet, there are those whose life does depend on having a pet...well, not a pet; but an animal that helps "ground" them, that helps them with the normal, routine tasks of life.

A service dog to help in numerous ways in their everyday life.

While I am not that much of a dog person, I am a supporter of Patriot Service Dogs.  This non-profit organization raises puppies to be trained for a two-year period by "puppy raisers".  After the training, they are paired up with a disabled vet in need of the skills of that particular dog.

Sometimes, that need may be to pick things up, or bring things to them.  Or, to open or close a door; or even to just walk beside them to keep them from panicking.

Not long ago, I was able to spend a couple of nights with a puppy raiser, and watch as she trained him to "bring me a towel".  It just never occurred to me that something as simple as picking up a towel would be a challenge; yet, if you are wheelchair-bound, how would you?

Once the dogs and vets have been paired up, they go through a period of learning how to work together.  And, after graduating from this training, they are ready to begin their journey together.

I support this organization in the ways I am able to: by  attending a weekend retreat that is held as a fund-raising event.  It takes a lot of time and money - and supplies - to raise and train the puppies that will become the companions for disabled vets.

But they do a lot of other events, too; like during Christmas holidays, they visit a Veterans' Center with the dogs and wagons loaded with Christmas stockings for each vet.

Since becoming involved with PSD, I have been more aware of the needs of others, especially the disabled veterans.  I have been more aware of the difficulties of those in wheelchairs, or on crutches, or with walkers.  Not that I had no knowledge of these difficulties; but that it was just a deeper awareness of their needs.

So, while I spend an evening with my furry friend, cuddling with her or letting her stretch out beside me as I type this post...

There are many "out there" in need of a furry pet just so they can live their lives as "normally" as possible.

If you are interested in reading more about this organization, please check out there website here.


  1. This is a wonderfully informative post, Barbara! Thank you so much! Midnight is so beautiful. WHat a blessing - I adore cats especially, they are so intuitive. Although I think all animals are! Have a great weekend! Enjoy it and relax a bit too...if you can! ;)

    1. Thank you, Dawn! I love talking about this organization...and I DO love Midnight...she is so cuddly and I really CAN talk to her! She is almost always by my side, or very close!!

      Thanks for this opportunity to share from my journal; and for reading and commenting!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes, isn't that cute?! When she is sitting up, it actually looks like she has a black piece across her tummy...a true tuxedo!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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