Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Tuesday @ Ten - A LITTLE ABOUT ME

Once again I am joining Karen for Tuesday @ Ten - a weekly link-up where she posts a word or phrase for us to write from.  We have until the next Monday night to get our post written and linked.

Well, it looks as if this is another week where I will be rushing in at the last minute to get this post finished!

This week's prompt is - 
A Little About Me:

And, Me is the hardest to write about...

Although, most of the posts I write share a little about me; little bits within the writing of even something like a Tuesday @ Ten or Simple Woman's Daybook post.

I have written several "All About Me" posts; such as the one for my blog.  I have also shared Me posts for other challenges and prompted writings I have done, like this post for Blog-tember in 2015.

But, for this week's Tuesday @ Ten post, where do I start?

Do I want to look back, to my younger days?  My teenage and high school days?  Do I want to look at my life as an adult, a wife and mother?  A single working mother?

I'm not writing a biography here!  What about just looking at the Me I am today?

Just recently, I learned that I am a writer and a caregiver.

Neither should actually be a surprise; I just had to figure it out...

As a teenager, I wrote poems.  It's not surprising my favorite subject was English; though I don't even remember much about the literature parts of it...

Or, how much of the grammar part do I remember?

I've taken spelling tests and other of those "can you get the right words" tests that trick you with those words that sound alike:

Do you use "Its" or "It's" in this sentence?

"Its my idea to do the project this way!"  Or, is it "It's my idea..."?

And, just where do you place that question mark in the above sentence?

No!  I don't really remember all of that; but when I write I seem to automatically do it right...or, do I?!

Me?  I am a retired 65 year old woman, and I don't really mind saying how old I am!

I enjoy the life I am living.  Is it everything I thought it would be in retirement?

No!  I'd love to have more money to spend on family trips and vacations, and just have a lot of fun with everyone!

I'd love to be able to join my friend in attending craft conventions, retreats, "shop hops" and other fun events...

BUT...I do enjoy my family.  I do go on family trips and vacations.   do have a lot of fun with my family even when we just stay home or go to a local park or the beach!


I have been to Epcot in Orlando, a place I had never been, but wanted to go for a visit, especially during the International Flower and Garden Festival.  

We spent two nights at the Disney All-Star Movie Resort, and enjoyed a long day at the park.

do attend retreats and other craft events as often as I can.  This photo is from an all-day "Frozen" themed crop; and we all dressed the part...actually, it was cold enough to have to wear these jackets.

So far this year, I have attended two retreats, many events and crops, several card-making classes and events...

Well, let's just say I've been very busy crafting!  And, I am not finished!  I have at least three, and possibly a fourth, scrapbook retreat coming up before the end of the year!

I may not be traveling as far and wide as I'd like it to be.  But, I am doing things that I enjoy doing.  I am spending time with my family...

Well, I'm not quite sure this actually tells "who" I am!  But, it certainly tells "what" I enjoy doing!!

As for the writing and caregiving?

They fit in there as well, somewhere in between all of the other things that I am doing!

Fortunately, the caregiving is not an all-consuming role at this point.  I am able to get away for things I love to do.  My husband doesn't always like all of the "adventurous" things that we end up doing when I'm with my family...so he chooses to stay home.

One of these days, I'll have to stay home too.

Until then...

I am enjoying that retired life that I wanted to live after all!


  1. Thank you, Tessa! I know I get too wordy and end up with very long posts; but the words just come and I wanted it different than the other "about me" posts I have written.

    Thanks for reading and leaving a comment!


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