Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The First "Hello" - Prompt 10/21

It is time to refocus on writing, after being away for a few days!

Before I wrote my post for Prompt 10 of "21 Days of Journaling in July", I went back to the January 2015 post I wrote for this same prompt.  That title is, "Our Last Goodbye", and shares the last visit I had with my mother before she passed away.

{Check out the post from "21 Days of Journaling in January 2015" here.}

After reading through the post, it hit me...

I know exactly what to write!

* * * * 

The last time I visited Mom at the nursing home, I didn't know it would be the last time I would see her...alive.

And, I wished for more time...I still had questions; I still wanted to know more about her life...I wasn't ready for her to leave.

After reading the book, "Heaven is for Real", I knew that one day we would see each other again; and I knew that my mother would be reunited with my father and her sister and others who had passed before her.

But, it didn't "click" right away...

Later, I realized my mother would be able to meet her mother!  Yes, she would be reunited with my father and her sister and others...

But...she would also be able to meet her mother!

If I had a "one-day pass" to visit someone who has gone on before me...

I would want to have a wonderful visit with my grandmother, and my mother!  I would love to see the mother/daughter relationship between them; to enjoy tea or coffee and cookies or cakes; to ask my grandmother how she felt during the time she was carrying her babies.

Did my grandmother have any intuition that she may not live to hold her baby in her arms?  Did she even have any idea at all that she was carrying two babies, not just one?

Did she have any idea that she would not live through the birth of her little ones?  Or, did she live long enough to see those precious babies; to know she had a perfect little boy and a perfect little girl?

William Lenard and Fredrika Moore
Born December 30, 1930

If I had a "one day pass" to visit a loved one who has gone before me, I would love to meet my grandmother.  I would love to share with her my excitement when I found the letter she wrote to her sister just before giving birth; and my sadness as I read the typed memorial given by the minister.

These two documents are to be treasured.

{I shared about these documents in a Random Journal Day entry in March 2015; read it here.}

There would be such joy, visiting with the mother I miss dearly, and the grandmother I never knew.  So many memories for us all to share!

Yes, if I had a "one day pass", that is what I would want to do!

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