Thursday, July 14, 2016

Rule the World - Prompt 8/21

Today's prompt invites us to dream or imagine we were Queen for the Day; or are we a Princess or a Villainess?

Last year, I wrote about my Super Power; can you figure out what mine would be?  Check it out here.

Actually, I don't think I would like to rule the world.  The role of Queen, or King; the Princess, or Prince...

Or even the President of the United States of America.

While each of these roles are important, I would not want to be in any of them.  That is just too much pressure; too much of being in the eye of the world...good or bad!

Some of the roles are "inherited"; a person is born to be heir to the throne of that "position" or "station" Queen or King or Princess or Prince.

But, President?  Well, one may follow in someone's footsteps  {look at the Bush family}; or grow into the position based on their career path.  But, they don't inherit it.

Looking back at the presidents we have had in my lifetime, we have had some really good ones; and, some really bad ones...

At least, that is what the public - or is it the media - would have us believe?

I'm not much on politics.  I hate the back and forth the candidates do when campaigning; the name calling and putting down and ugliness; dragging up stuff that may or may not be true; that may be "embellished" to make it look worse...

This current campaign?  I am totally torn!  I thought I had made the right choice when I voted almost eight years ago.  I read about both candidates' stands on the important issues - abortion; education; healthcare; and so many others.

And, then I voted...right or wrong, I voted the person I felt would lead the United States best.

Did I choose right?  I don't know!

But, we are at that point again...time to decide whom we will vote for as President of the Unites States of America!

No, I wouldn't want to be Queen, or Princess, or President -
But, I will do what I can to vote for the person who will lead the USA for four or eight more years!

And, dream about being Queen of my world!

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