Monday, July 11, 2016

Tuesday @ Ten - CARE

Another week to join Karen for Tuesday @ Ten - a prompted link-up where she posts a word or phrase for us to write from.  We have until the next Monday night to get our post written and linked.

I missed out linking last week's post because the link was already closed!  But, I did finish it before midnight!

This week's prompt is - CARE

This word, and the many ways it can be used, has been running through my mind ever since I read the prompt on the Facebook group!

Which way should I go with this?  I've written so many posts on caregiving and how I fill this role with my husband.

I wanted to go a different way with it.  But, how?  What would I write?

Then, I saw an old church bulletin where I had scribbled a few words about an incident that happened as I was leaving for church that morning...

And, not being able to sleep, they kept running around in my head!  As I wrote in my journal, I realized:

These are the words for my Tuesday @ Ten post!!

So, here goes...

I had seen her around; usually she would be sitting or lying on the balcony of the apartment that butts up to ours, the one in the front over-looking the beautiful parking lot!

As I was leaving for church that morning, I saw her again - the Jamaican woman.  This time she was sitting at the top of the stairs.

This morning would be different.  I didn't just see her, I actually saw her...felt her need and her desire to return home.

I don't remember how I knew she was from Jamaica.  Maybe somebody had told me earlier?

Or, perhaps in this short exchange on a beautiful Sunday morning...she told me herself?

As I approached her seated on the stairs, I heard her singing; longing for home, yet knowing that "God will take care of me..."

{The chorus from the hymn 
"God Will Take Care of You" 
by Civille D. Martin.}

And, as I joined my voice with hers, and watched her big beautiful smile fill her face, we connected in a moment of love and trust in One who will surely take care of us!

As we stood at the top of the stairs, I knew she understood these words; I knew she understood the connection we were making...

I didn't know if she spoke any English; but I did know she sang in English!  And, as our voices rose to the God she knew would take care of her, she understood that, yes, no matter where she sang her praises, He would take care of her...and me!

And, she knew He would see her home...that home being Jamaica, for now; but, she was also ready to go to her Heavenly Home.  

This I knew as we sang praises to God that morning on the top of the stairs - God will take care of you; and me!

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