Monday, December 15, 2014

3rd Sunday of Advent - JOY!


Do you remember anticipating somethine so special - and when the time came, or that special something happened, there was so much JOY you could hardly contain yourslef?  A special gift; a visit from a special someone; the anticipation giving you such JOY!

The third verse from the hymn we are using this Advent Season, When God Is a Child" says:

JOY is a song that welcomes the dawn,
telling the world that the Savior is born.
When God is a child there's JOY in our song.
The last shall be first and the weak shall be strong,
and none shall be afraid.

Can you just imagine the anticipation Mary felt, preparing for this Babe she would share with the world.  Such JOY!  Yet, such sorrow, knowing He was not hers to keep - yet such JOY in knowing how special she was in the eyes of God our Father, to be chosen to give birth to our Savior, Jesus Christ.

Let us approach this Advent Season with the anticipation of such a special gift from our Father - a gift that brings everlasting JOY!

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