Monday, December 22, 2014

December 21 - Christmas in Florida

Well, living in Florida, it seems a bit weird to sing about Winter Wonderland or I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas - unless you consider the waves at the beach as a "white" Christmas!

In fact, there have been very few Christmases spent in a snow-covered landscape, with sledding down the hills and building snowmen and throwing snow balls!

As someone who has been a Floridian for most of her life, either as a second home or as a current just get used to what the weather brings for a holiday such as Christmas.

I came across this adaptation of Winter Wonderland:

Another fun way to share how non-winter our Wonderland in Florida can be at this time of year!

So, as we come quickly into those last few days of the Advent/Christmas season...

Let me wish you all:
From Sunny Florida!

Linking with other bloggers for Blogmas 2014 - 
for just a few more days!  I will miss you all greatly; and hope we connect through other sources!

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