Friday, December 19, 2014


It is Thursday night and time to link up with Kate Motaung and others bloggers for Five Minute Friday.  Once we receive our one word prompt, it's time to write for five minutes - without thinking about what we are writing, or doing any editing to what we have written.

Today's word is "ADORE" -

Adore - "to love very strongly"

I love my grand children; I guess you could say that I adore them...

all SIX of them!

I love looking into their innocent faces, and watch their smiles when I come in the door.  I love to hear their giggles; the "jokes" they tell, then answer themselves:

What do snowmen have for breakfast?
Snow Flakes...Ha ha ha...hear the precious giggles!

I love watching them as they sleep in my arms; sometimes that little smile spreads across their faces - do they know I am smiling, too?

I love when my oldest grandson acts silly and "cra-cra" and makes me laugh at his antics!  I love the selfies he posts, those beautiful blue eyes staring back at me!

I love the special pictures of my oldest granddaughter - since she is not in the same state as I am, I don't see her as often; but I love keeping up with her through Facebook and the pictures she or her mother or father posts.  I love her smile and her beautiful long hair!

I love the afternoons spent watching Karate or Baseball, watching them play or perform doing what they do best...

Yes, I adore my grandchildren!

My "best ever" days are those spent with my grandchildren.


'Tis the Season!

As much as I adore my grandchildren...

The Baby that we adore during the Advent/Christmas Season is adored so much more, for He is our Savior, Jesus Christ the Lord!

Oh, yes!!  Let Us Adore Him!

Christ the Lord!

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