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Simple Woman's Daybook - December 8, 2014

December 8, 2014

Outside my Window
The wind is blowing, the weather is getting cooler and cooler
(for a Florida day, it's perfect - not too hot and not too cold).

I am Thankful for
My Church and the Chancel Choir
who brought beautiful music to our service
yesterday, and every week!

In the Kitchen
Chicken thawing,
waiting for me to decide what to do with it!

I am Wearing
My comfy jeans
and a long-sleeved flowered shirt
and my crocs!

I am Creating
A few hand-made cards
and other small gifts.

I am Going
To stay at home and relax tonight!

I am Wondering
If I will finish all the cards
and other small gifts
in time for Christmas!

I am Reading
"The Silver Chair"
Book #4 of
"The Chronicles of Narnia"
by C. S. Lewis

I am Hoping
We all remain healthy
during the holidays
and the days leading up to them!

I am Looking forward to
The holidays and all the FUN events;
and more family time;
 and our Church's Live Nativity;
and the Christmas Eve worship service;
and Christmas Day.

I am Learning
To trust God to calm me
and give me peace and patience
with my husband,
and the things he says
and how he acts and reacts to me and others.

I am Hearing
The news on TV
that my husband watches
every time
it comes on during the day and evening!
And I hate hearing it;
it is usually
nothing but bad news
and killings and shootings
and arguments
and police incidents
and protesting
God is our ONLY source for PEACE!!

Around the House
It is not yet decorated
for the Holidays;
and there are piles of stuff
Calling to me...
to clean it up!!

I am Pondering
What I should do next?

A Favorite Quote for Today

One of my Favorite Things
The looks on my Grandchildren's faces
when they see us arrive for a visit.

A few plans for
the Rest of the Week
Breakfast with husband's High School Alumni;
Doctor's Appointment (husband);
Christian Women's Fellowship Meeting and Luncheon;
Scrapbooking Friends Holiday Crop
and Elfster Gift Exchange;
Watching the Grandkids for my daughter and her husband;
Relaxing when I can!!!

A Peek into my Day
Up early; eat breakfast;
Bake Cookies
(I tried to take a "selfie" with my camera
using the mirrored wall in our dining room;
the camera battery was "exhausted"!)
Take Cookies to a monthly birthday party
at a Retirement Home;
Read and Write;
and maybe cook dinner!
(Actually, we will probably eat leftovers
and I'll cook that chicken tomorrow night!)

Sharing a Picture
from our outing to St. Augustine, FL
during the Thanksgiving holiday.
St. Augustine Light Display
November 2014

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  1. I've been catching up with reading - so have left you several comments today - don't feel like you have to respond to all of them - I just wanted to share my thoughts with you. Have enjoyed catching up! I know what you mean about the news - maybe you could find some headphones and listen to music while he's listening to the news! We don't have regular Tv - just Roku, so if we want news we have to go online. Not having it blare on my TV all the time has been very refreshing - then we can keep up with what we need to via the paper or internet. I find that I don't need a lot of news and it keeps me way more balanced in my perspective. I'll have to go check out The Simple Woman's Daybook.

    1. Also, I was just thinking that If I still lived in Florida we could meet for lunch - how great would that be! We used to love going to St. Augustine.

    2. Yes, Teresa! That would be awesome...we love St. Augustine and usually go there often. Other favorites are Savannah and St. Mary's; also enjoy heading to Palatka - which I need to do...they have one more NEW mural that I haven't taken pictures of yet! OK - I will read - and thank you NOW for all your reading and commenting - and if I feel lead to...I will respond! Catching up on the reading ot other's Simple Woman's Daybook. I love the prompted posts; makes it easier!


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