Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Linking up with others for another "word prompt" post to help jump-start writing on a regular basis!  Check it out at Tuesday @ Ten and join us - you have a whole week to get your post completed!

This is the second time I have linked up with Tuesday @ Ten - and the second time the word has been "spot on" to what I needed to focus on in my life!

The word for this week is - PATIENCE!
(and I EVER need that!!).

Many years ago I worked as a secretary where I attended church.  During a six-month period, after our long-time minister retired, we had a retired ministerial couple serve during our search process for another minister.  The "husband" of the team had some medical issues, including forgetfulness, mild dementia and problems with his motor skills.  This ended up being their last time serving as interim ministers because of his failing health.

As church secretary, I worked very closely with both Dr. B. and his wife who was also a minister.  Dr. B. was constantly asking me the same questions - over and over and over again!  This time period was prior to my husband's dementia being diagnosed; although there was some slight forgetting, it was nothing like what was to come for us.

Mrs. B. was always commenting on how PATIENT I was with Dr. B., answering his same questions over and over and over again!  "That's just how I am," I would say; because I do get along with everyone.  I am PATIENT and UNDERSTANDING and work well with those around me; and I respected his position and the fact they were elderly.



That is the question that I am constantly asking myself!

And I am constantly praying for the PATIENCE and UNDERSTANDING to be a good caregiver for my husband.  I guess, in that way, I am just like Dr. B. in asking God "over and over and over again" for the same things!

Looking for just the right quote to add to this post today, I came across this one on Pinterest:


"An Alzheimer's Poem" was recently shared on Facebook; although I have read it before, and have it saved to my computer, it still brings me to tears:

Each of these touching pieces look into the heart and soul of one who is suffering from dementia, whether it be Vascular dementia or Alzheimer's disease or any of the many other dementias - or even other diseases that take over the body and mind of the person suffering.

So, I need to print these two quotes and keep them in my pocket for those times when I lose my PATIENCE and am trying to UNDERSTAND -

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