Friday, February 13, 2015

FAB-ruary 11th

Another day to link up with Helen at:

And to be challenged to "find the fab" in my life!

Today, the challenge is to share...


When DO I feel most alive?

That's quite an interesting question, isn't it?!

Is it when:
  • I am with the grandchildren, doing something - or doing nothing?
  • I am hanging out with my daughters and son and their "significant others", my "other" sons and daughter?
  • I am lying on the couch, watching TV with my hubby; or shopping; or attending his monthly breakfast?
  • I am laughing, sharing, crafting, eating, with friends?
  • I am at the computer, writing; pouring my heart and soul out using a keyboard?
  • I am in church, hearing God's word, the music, the prayers?

When do I feel most alive?

All of the above would be the right answers to that question...

Because all of the above make me who I am!

But, what really makes me feel alive is...

Taking the time in God's special place - the outdoors at the conference center where our church goes for retreats: The Retreat Center at Silver Springs 

The place where I find peace, and quiet, and love and acceptance and understanding...

The place where I find the strength and courage to continue in this journey called life...

Knowing that as I walk this journey, I am not alone!  He is with me no matter where I go -

Even when I am with those who make me feel alive!


  1. Love your post.....Always love to hear you calling your son- and daughter-in-law your 'other son and daughter', it makes you all seem so close, which is just wonderful. Love your 'alives'...! [I'm hoping to attend a retreat, even if only for a's something that's drawing me to it in many ways....logistically unsure how it might happen but I know it will, as I know I'll get so many benefits from it]. love your last image...fab fonts!

    1. Praying you get your retreat!!! Yes, my family IS close; just wish my son and his family were closer in miles; we don't see them as often as we would all like!

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  2. I love all of your alive moments Barbara! And that place looks so beautiful and I feel often times that the outdoors is God's cathedral in a way and such a wonderful place to worship and connect with Him.

    1. Yes, the outdoors! I may not be an athletic person, or enjoy the heat (OR the cold); but I love the outdoors...and that place IS a wonderful place to worship and connect with Him.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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