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Simple Woman's Daybook - February 2, 2015

February 2, 2015

OUTSIDE MY WINDOW - The rain is slowly falling; the leaves shimmering in the wet of the day.  But...wait!  I think I see the sun trying to shine through the clouds, promising the remainder of the day to be beautiful - but, what is not beautiful about a rain-filled day!?

(And I have yet to hear the results of Groundhog Day)...

I AM THANKFUL - For loving, caring, sharing, encouraging friends!

IN THE KITCHEN - Chicken, macaroni salad, Hawaiian rolls, carrot cake, a last piece of coffee cake...all left from the weekend!

I AM WEARING - Crocs on barefeet; jeans; pj top...very comfy for a "stay at home" kind of day!

I AM CREATING - Creative juices flowed over the weekend at the scrapbooking retreat - 

1) Made a handful of Valentine's Day cards for a "special" group...
2) Made a card from a design "map" and was one of two that won the card challenge!
3) Created a shadow box with dice, dominoes, a couple of cards, and some stickers and "shredded money"!  Called it "We're in the money" because I put two little gingerbread-looking button characters on the top with a sticker that says "Winners"!
3)  Also put together a few pages for my grandkids' pictures; and a couple for a Disney album we will be auctioning off at an event in May (more about that in an upcoming post, "Patriot Service Dogs").

Somebody took pictures of the second two items, and I will post as soon as they share them!

I AM GOING - No place - at least not today or tomorrow!  Later in the week and month, things will get busy again...but for now...

I AM WONDERING - why my tummy hurts?!

I AM READING - "In the Shadow of the Cypress", a novel by Thomas Steinbeck, author of "Down to a Soundless Sea." 

Information on the front flap of the book cover states: "Thomas Steinbeck has been praised by Publishers Weekly for his stylistic brilliance and 'accomplished voice'.  Now, his enthralling novel blends history and suspense with literary mastery and brings vivid realism to California's rich heritage."  So far, it has me intrigued with that history!

I AM HOPING - to get my stuff organized this week, and by that I mean...moved from the living room/dining room into my craft room where I can get it ready for another retreat in March!!

I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO - a visit with my daughters on Wednesday, which is a half-day at school for my Kindergartner grandson; he will be excited when he gets out and sees his aunt and his cousin!!

I AM LEARNING - to accept the "gifts" others continually want to bestow on me:  paying for my meals; paying for my retreat fee; giving me items they no longer need; giving me items they know I need...and none of them know the others have done this for me.

I need to learn to just say, "Thank you so much!" and not protest or "Oh, you don't have to do that"...it is their gift to me for being me!

And, I need to do the same in return to others...pay it forward!!

I AM HEARING - the news on TV, talking about Isis, etc.  I want to tune it out!  I know it's important world news; but do they have to keep talking about it?!

AROUND THE HOUSE - all of my "stuff"...as I said above!

I AM PONDERING - what to write for Fab-ruary 2nd on a "postcard from your ideal life"...hmmmmm?!

A FAVE QUOTE FOR TODAY - a quote from one of our fellow bloggers!  Thank you, Asheritah!!


Monday and Tuesday - rest, relax, laundry, put stuff away, write, read...all at home!

Wednesday - visit with my two daughters and the grandkids!

Thursday - nothing planned yet!

Friday - maybe go scrapbooking just for the afternoon because I didn't finish everything over the weekend!

Saturday - celebrate grandson's 2nd birthday.

Sunday - Church, luncheon for the Deacons and babysit for daughter so she and hubby can go to a show.

A PEEK INTO MY DAY - on and off the computer where I am writing a few blog posts; washing, drying and folding laundry; reading others' posts and making comments (comments are so encouraging to all bloggers, right?!)  Tonight we will eat leftovers that I brought home from the retreat...and find something on TV to watch with the hubby!

ADD A PICTURE (or two):

The room is ready for a large group of scrapbookers to arrive for the weekend!

And, too soon it was OVER!

None of the other pictures have been posted yet...but the difference from before, during and after is quite interesting to see!

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  1. Lovely answers....but Im sorry your tummy hurts... hope you feel better,
    Lucky you having a crafting room, In our little apartment I have two shelves in the linen closet and a box under the bed :)
    Enjoy your week....however quiet
    Phoebe x

    1. Thanks, Phoebe! I think maybe the tummy issue was hunger...I ate a late breakfast and didn't really think about lunch until the tummy started up! I specifically wanted a two bedroom apartment when we had to move from our four bedroom house...ideally, a three bedroom so I had a room for the grandkids; but they don't stay over that often, so due to financial issues, decided on the two bedroom...but the 2nd one was for my crafts!! I DO feel lucky except the room is so disorganized; and I mostly scrapbook at another location with friends, or at a retreat or crop.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  2. Oh Barbara,you were so productive at the weekend! [I love these posts of yours!]. The Thomas Steinbeck book sounds really interesting. And I love the quote - where does she blog? Have a great 'other day of rest'.....!

    1. I forgot to give you the blog address for Asheritah; she blogs at http://onethingalone.com/...

  3. Yes, I was surprised at how productive I was! The thing is, I put together "kits" with pictures of the grandkids and a few other things I wanted to scrapbook - I had the papers, and "bling" and pictures all together and ready...but ended up doing mostly the other things! Well, they will be ready for the next one, which I have put a "down payment" on for March. Then, I am starting to request sponsors and take donations for a fund-raising retreat in May...busy busy busy...maybe THAT is what I should be excited about on Fab-uary 3rd post!!! Hah! Don't you just love how things come together when you're not expecting it...Now, I need to get that post written!!

    Thanks for reading and commenting...have a blessed day and week!

  4. Accepting gifts has been hard for me, too, but I'm the worst at accepting compliments.. I need to work on that! We live in an RV at the moment, and I have a crochet business... I have 3 totes that I stack up front, on the dash! LOL You learn to use every available space when you live in 189 sq.ft. lol... Thanks for stopping by my blog :)

    1. Yes, accepting gifts is hard; accepting compliments, too. It sounds as if you DO have a tight space for now...and I think it's awesome that you have a "crochet business"!! I did a few crochet projects years ago; knitting, too...but not any more. My craft is scrapbooking, card-making and a few other crafty projects.

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  5. Congrats on winning the contest. I hope you had a good visit with your family. Thank you for sharing your day.

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting, Hilary! I always enjoy being with my family and my friends! Enjoy sharing my day through the Simple Woman's Daybook posts. I'm only doing them every other week because - being retired - they were beginning to sound a bit repetitive!!


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