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Fab-ruary 16th

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Again, I want to see what the dictionary has to say:

Success is (a) "doing what you have been trying to do"; (b) "thing/person who does well."


Let me try this one:

Succeed is (a) "to follow on; to take the place of;" (b) "to do well; to do what you have been trying to do."
Neither of these definitions seem to make a lot of sense to me!  Or maybe they do!

So, success...

Looking back on my life, I would have to say it has been a success!  Afterall, I started out to make a living during the years I worked; and I ended up retired and doing just what I wanted to be doing!

I guess in that sense, I have "done what I had been trying to do"!

How I arrived at that destination is a different story!!

Even though I didn't start a job and retire from the same one doesn't mean my life (or my "career") hasn't been a success...

Each subsequent job built on the one I previously had.  I learned new skills each time, and most often the change was to continue learning new skills and do more of what I had previously learned...makes sense?!

Some people would look at my history and say I was not a success at all.  Most of those people didn't take the journey with me...

But as I look back, I see "road blocks and detours and bumps in the road"; I also see a journey that has brought me to where I am now and I have found HAPPINESS...

And I say to those who don't think my life is a success:  "I have survived those 'road blocks and detours and bumps in the road'; I am happy with my life...

I am happy!  And therefore, I am a success."

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