Friday, February 6, 2015

Five Minute Friday: KEEP

Once again it is Thursday night, and I will be linking up with Kate at and all the other FMFers!  It's exciting to read what other bloggers write using the same word, join us for the FMF Party!

Tonight's word is:  KEEP


Have you seen those "KEEP CALM" logos?  They show up on Facebook all the time; and I checked Pinterest and found all sorts of ways to "KEEP CALM":
Keep Calm and Be Yourself!
Keep Calm and Be Original.
Keep Calm and Just Be the Best You Can Be!
Keep Calm and Love Your Friends!
Keep Calm and ... (can I say it??)... LET IT GO - or LET IT BE!
Keep Calm and Go to Disney.
Keep Calm and Eat Bacon...
or Keep Calm and Eat a Donut; or a Cupcake or whatever!
Keep Calm and...
May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor!

OK, so you get the picture, right!?  Even if you haven't seen these - well, they do show up everywhere!

Telling us to "Keep Calm"...

but, how are we to "Keep Calm"?

When our world around us is not calm; when things are going wrong all over the world; when our lives are shattered or hurting or we just don't know which way to turn...

We can "Keep Calm"... 

Because we know...

And that is why we are able to "Keep Calm"...

(ok, so I went over the five minutes)!


  1. Oh Barbara.....keeping, so difficult some days!

    1. Yes, keeping calm IS so difficult MANY days! But, I pray you do find your calm with your littles and in times when you can "be still and know..."

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  2. ;). I wonder where the whole trend started? Because the last two are really the only solution! God has our backs--otherwise, we'd be in big trouble!

    1. I certainly don't know where the trend for the "Keep Calm" sayings started - or when! But, you are absolutely correct...the last two ARE the only solution!! I am so glad I found those because it brought all the other stuff back to that "only solution"!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. What a clever way to relate the writing prompt to today's culture!! I never thought o that.

    Very cool!

    Stopping over from the FMF party.....
    God bless xoxoxo

    1. It's where my thoughts strayed - and turned out more "thoughtful" than I expected! I couldn't believe how many of these were on Pinterest!!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting - my weekend has been soooooo busy, that I am afraid I haven't read very many other FMF posts. Will try to catch up this week!

  4. What a good point...KEEP CALM stuff is everywhere! I think it rather odd and silly, but the keep calm and trust GOD is golden! He is our King! :) I'm keeping calm and drinking Brittish tea with honey and lemon while I surf the internet...that's good too for now. ;) Jenn

    1. Well, it's after 11 pm on Sunday evening, after a FULL day, ending with babysitting my 3 grandchildren (well, 3 of the 6!!)...I would LOVE to have a cup of hot tea but would also LOVE to sleep! So, I'll save that for in the morning!

      Thanks again for reading and commenting!


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