Monday, February 2, 2015


Linking up for a new prompted challenge for the month of...

what else, FAB-RUARY with

Excited to write using these prompts and "find the fab" in my life!

So, here is the quote that I would say is a fave:

Found on Pinterest

It's hard to say when I first read or saw this quote (I've searched for the author of it, but so far haven't found anything to indicate who said this.)


It's also hard to say why I like it.

Recently, I wrote a post on the word "wait" for the Five Minute Friday word prompt (read that post here).  My thoughts on "wait" were to not wait to do those things you want to do; or to use those "special" things like your good dishes or your good clothes; or to visit those places you never had the opportunity to see.

Why wait?

It seems this quote is saying to me that whatever it is I want to do, or use, or see...

Or...BE -

NOT to wait until the storm has passed;

or the job begins...

or you retire...

or you get your bonus (or tax refund!).

NOT to let the opportunities get away from you by waiting...

Instead, go ahead and take that trip; use those special dishes (and that fancy dress!); see the world -



  1. Oh, I love this quote, Barbara....I am a dancer in the rain and I've found that the rain is where we can, actually, find greater awareness and greater peace....

    1. Absolutely! And, one day - when it rains again - I am going to do just that!! (I love the quote; but that doesn't mean I've been out in the rain dancing!! It just states what I felt - NOT TO WAIT to do or be or see or whatever...)

      Thanks for reading and commenting! I've read all those who linked up before, it's bedtime!!

    2. Love this quote so much!! And it's makes me think of the Singing in the Rain movie- love THAT scene!! But it's so true too - get out and enjoy those moments in life instead of waiting for them to pass by ;)

    3. Yes, singing in the rain, too!!! Perhaps I will sing AND dance in the rain...I missed my chance this morning because I was eating, doing dishes and getting dressed...well, here in Florida - it will definitely come again!!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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