Sunday, February 8, 2015


Another day to link up with Helen at:

And to be challenged to "find the fab" in my life!

Today, the challenge is to share...

Books you've loved -
loved as a child -
want to read!

This is actually easier than yesterday's; I still haven't come up with something really cool - yet!  But, I have an idea circulating in my brain...

But, for today - Books Books Books!

I can't remember what books I read as a child or young person...I'm sure I read the Nancy Drew (and maybe the Hardy Boys) series.  I loved English and Literature in Jr. High and High School; so I am sure I read some classics then.

As an adult, I renewed the love of reading; but when working full time, didn't get much reading done.  It would take me forever to read one small paperback book!


In my older years - my retirement - I do take more time to read; and started keeping a list of what I've read, when I started the book and when I finished.  I haven't actually written any kind of synopsis, or other information on the books besides the author's name.

And, here is my 2014 list...

Shadow of Silence
by Judith Erwin
(this author was a classmate
of my husband's
from high school)

by Eric Wilson

The Book Thief
by Markus Zusak

by Nora Roberts

The Ghost
by Danielle Steel

Heaven is for Real
by Todd Burpo

Her Mother's Hope
by Francine Rivers

The Things I know Best
by Lynne Hinton

Beneath a southern Sky
by Deborah Raney

Her Daughter's Dream
by Francine Rivers

Burning Bright
by Ron Rash

Remember to Forget
by Deborah Raney

A Time to Dance
by Karen Kingsbury

The Lottery Winner
by Mary Higgins Clark

Light from Heaven
by Jan Karon

After the Rains
by Deborah Raney

The Giver
by Lois Lowry

Along the Way
short stories
by Trudy Cathy White

The Best of Me
by Nicholas Sparks

"The Chronicles of Narnia" series
by C. S. Lewis
The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe
Prince Caspian
Voyage of the Dawn Treader
The Silver Chair
The Horse and His Boy
The Magician's Nephew
The Last Battle

and currently reading:
 In the Shadow of the Cypress
by Thomas Steinbeck

Quite a list of books, huh?!  It's clear I love to read; I am a "chain reader"!  I put one book down, and if still in a place where I can continue to read...

I pick up the next one!

Many of these books have been made into movies!  I enjoy reading the book - sometimes before I see the movie; and sometimes after.  Some of them I haven't even seen the movie and probably will not...

I try to keep a notebook handy in case there is something I want to remember; and have used some of the quotes in my journal and other writing.

There are a few books on my shelf (and in my head) that I plan to read:

by Laura Hillenbrand

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas
by John Boyne

The Great Gatsby
by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Confessions of an Imperfect Caregiver
by fellow blogger Bobbi Carducci

White Oleander
by Janet Fitch

Smoke Screen
by Sandra Brown

These are just a few of the books on my shelf that I need to read - except for the first one that is still being read by my son-in-law!  Maybe I will get through them all this year?!


  1. Quite a list!

    I have a huge stack of books to be read...too many to count. I get through one every couple of days; not sleeping can be an advantage, though I might pass on the "puking blood" bit.

    One suggestion I would make for you is Hugh Mills' "Low Level Hell", his memoir of flying an OH-6 in Viet Nam.

    You'll meet some good people in those'll laugh, and you'll cry.

    1. Thank you for the book recommendation...I'll check our used book store for it - that's where we take our books when done reading them, unless it's one I want to keep. I am a "chain reader", so I am sure I'll fit it in to read it.

      I should try getting up and reading on the nights I can't sleep...but I usually just stay in bed and keep trying to sleep...lately I have started staying up later, on the computer, hoping I'll sleep when I get in bed...some nights it helps; other nights it doesn't. What can I say??

      Appreciate your reading and commenting...

  2. Barbara! What a lovely list of books! I have you on my FMF snail mail list, and I found your blog that way! I haven't written you a note yet...but in a few weeks you'll get one from a fellow Floridian! :) I am a reader too...I also read the Book Thief this year, and I was happy to find a copy on the 50 cent bargain shelf at our library book sale for my husband for Christmas. He is reading it now. I have read many of the others on your list too! I need to find a new book this week at the library...I may use your list to get me onto something new! I pray you have a peaceful Sabbath today! Love in Christ, Jennifer

    1. Hi Jennifer! Glad you found my blog!! Yes, we are on "the list"!! In fact, get ready for a "note" from are my next person to send to!

      Yes, I enjoyed The Book Thief; also saw the movie. Others that were made into movies I haven't seen.

      My Sabbath wasn't necessarily "peaceful"; but it was a nice day! Church; Deacon's luncheon (where I volunteered to be the chair of the Deacons?!); hanging out at my daughter's house before she and her husband went out to dinner and a musical...then "hanging" with the 3 grandchildren - 7 months old, 2 years old and 3 1/2 years old...FUN, but for this grandma, tiring! Tomorrow is my "stay home and do laundry, etc." day!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!

  3. Most of the books in your list are unfamiliar to me, but I can tell how much you love reading.

    1. Yes, Romi! I am a "chain reader" and once I finish one I pick up the next one to read. I usually have a stack of books that I have waiting to be read. I also have MANY books still packed up from our move almost 3 years ago!

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  4. Hello Barbara! And your wonderful letter has reached me :). Sending a reply today - so sorry to have been out of action due to back injury ... Am now able to function, thankfully. Childhood books? Well, this is one my grandmother had and which I loved, and which I researched and found a copy of and had it shipped - The Girl of The Limberlost :).

    1. So sorry to hear of your back injury! Hope you are well on the way to mending...

      Glad my letter has reached you...I had wondered! I am finding this exchanging of letters to be FUN!!

      I haven't heard of the book you mentioned - the title sounds intriguing; I may have to check it out!!

  5. Impressive list, Barbara! I find I can't 'chain read' sometimes (however much I'd like to!)....if I read a really good book, I'm unable to start a new one for a while as I still want to delight in the joy the one I've just read gave me! (It happened with 'Fault in our Stars'...I couldn't start another fiction book for more than a month - actually, I've just realised, that's probably why I like reading non-fiction too - it gives me a 'break' in between fiction books!)...I have White Oleander on my 'to read' list...and I think you'll love 'Unbroken'........loved your post....!

    1. I guess like chain smoking...flitting from one book to the next probably doesn't give me that much enjoyment. Actually, when reading a series, like the Chronicles of Narnia, I am anxious to continue reading. But for other book, usually take a break of two days or so; depends on how busy I am with other things.

      I have not read or seen Fault in our Stars...need to check that one out too!

      Hope you are feeling better; I am not...sinus, or something; but ache all over including head, ears, throat; stuffy nose...well, I am trying to rest and get better!!


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