Sunday, February 8, 2015


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And to be challenged to "find the fab" in my life!

Today, the challenge is to find...

The coolest thing I ever saw (and why!)...

Recently while watching TV, I saw a commercial that highlighted various animals inter-acting with other animals not in their own species.

I do not know what product was being advertised; but what caught my attention were the animals, cuddling, sharing, even feeding the other. I only wish I had a clip of that commercial;

but I did find a few pictures of animals on Pinterest that I will share (these are not the animals from the commercial; just others that I found equally as "cool"):

AWWW Factor!!

These pictures and the commercial reminded me of the verse in Isaiah about the wolf and the lamb;

the leopard and the goat;

the calf and the lion...

And, it also reminded me of a special pair we saw at our local zoo a couple of years ago!

Stella, the anteater, gave birth to a new baby in May 2013. We visited the zoo in June of that year, when the baby was only a few months old...  

Can you see the Baby Anteater on his mother's back? We learned from one of the zoo's employees that the baby stays with its mother for many months, bonding and becoming acquainted with its surroundings.

They don't bother them until the baby is much older - not even to discover what sex the baby is!  (I don't even remember finding out that little bit of information!)

God's creatures!  So cool!!

Why can't we human beings act more like these animals! We are God's "creatures", too...

And, that is my COOL THING to share for Fab-ruary 6th.


  1. Ooh, I *love* baby anteaters! If I had a really really big garden, I'd love to have an anteater! They're so amazing! A walking example of Nature's ingenuity! Love your post!

    1. The one at our zoo was so precious, carrying her baby on her back! We love going to the zoo; my daughter and her husband has an annual pass that get them in free, plus other adults and children. So we can go with them often. It isn't far from my daughter's house; so she goes almost every week to get the 3 little ones out of the house (and herself!).

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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