Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Fab-ruary 23rd

Another day to link up with Helen at:

And to be challenged to "find the fab" in my life!

Today, the challenge is to share -


When I think about "soul food", I mostly think about "comfort food";

The food I want to eat when I am not feeling well...

Like a big bowl of Macaroni and Cheese; I don't even care if it's home made or the Kraft boxed kind...

I just want Mac 'n Cheese!

But, let's look at Soul Food in an entirely different way;

What if it was Food for the Soul instead of Soul Food?

What would that look like?



These are both great ways to feed the soul: 

Cooking with Love and Kind Words!

But, to find the food that will truly feed your soul, we must look someplace else entirely...

Not for real food!

But...soul "food"!  The kind that feeds your soul -

The kind that is found at the source of all "food".


And once we have searched His Word for the "food" that will feed our soul, we will begin to understand what it is that we truly need for our soul to survive!

His Word...

Our source for "food for the soul"...



  1. Nice to see you continue with Fab-ruary Barbara! I just lost steam when Helen had to stop. I agree with you on both points! I love mac & cheese as comfort "soul" food and I love how His word is food for our soul!!

    Thanks for sharing and blessings to you. xo

    1. Thank you for reading, Carrie! I was saddened when Helen had to stop; but totally understand her reasons...most of my Fab-ruary posts have not even been seen by anyone (I keep forgetting to post them on the 5 for 5 links). But, the prompts have spoken to me - even though I am behind a day or so when I finally post one or two at a time!! I probably spend too much time looking for the graphics to use; but they also trigger my brain as to what I have been trying to put into words!

      Appreciate your comment...

  2. Mac and cheese...yes. I have it for dinner six times a week.

    For soul food, I like to read books that reflect a strong faith. Sometimes even one that isn't Christian...

    Al Sever, in his terrific memoir of his time in Viet nam, "Xin Loi, Viet Nam", recounts a meeting with a Cambodian sergeant who's about to be inserted into a hot LZ by Sever's helicopter.

    The sergeant is unconcerned. "It no matter i die," he says. "I Buddhist, I come back."

    I think that God looks at that simple faith, and smiles...and plots a way to bring this fellow through the narrow gate.

    "Xin Loi", by the way, is pronounced "sin loy", and means anything from a sincere "I am so sorry" to a rough "tough s***", depending on context. And Viet Nam is properly two words; it means "Far South", so South Viet Nam means South Far South...kind of weird.

    1. Love me some mac 'n cheese; even the boxed kind!! I can make and eat the whole box of it!!!

      Thank you for the insights into viet Nam and the meanings of the name. My father was in viet Nam back in the late 60's; but he never shared anything with us (I was in High School at the time); he may have shared with my mom, but not us "kids". My brothers were younger and my dad was so saddened to be away from his family for that time. Not that he is/was any different than anyone else who has to be away from their family.

      My thought here is that - yes, God...but what if one HAS been raised a Buddhist, or whatever. I just can't see our God turning his back on one who has a deep faith in that. And I agree that "God looks at that simple faith, and smiles...and plots a way..."

      Thanks for reading and sharing! Love reading your "take" on things!

  3. I like this post and graphics! Soul food in the Bible and in real food! I am excited to write you a note this week for snail mail FMF! I pray you get a chance to eat something good today physically and spiritually! Today is my weekly Bible study so I look forward to chatting with women who feed my soul with God's Word and their insights. We do learn through sharing the Bread of Life! Jenn

    1. Oh, Jenn...I am excited to receive your note this week!! I am enjoying the snail mail corresponding. My letter is ready to be mailed; but I need to head out to the post office today because I also have one going to the UK and need additional postage for it!

      I am bad with Bible study; doing it on my own isn't what I need...I need to find a small group of women and join another one. Our Sunday morning class is bigger, but has men and women. I feel one with all women would be helpful for me...

      Appreciate your reading and commenting...that is what keeps me writing - the encouragement I receive from my readers. Although small, I can depend on them to enlighten, encourage and inspire me!!

  4. What great advice. I like the quote about Bible being bread and not cake. I had never heard of it, but it is true. I think it becomes better and better the deeper you dive into it. So maybe it becomes sweet bread. :)

    1. Amanda - I probably take way too much time looking for quotes and images for my blogs!! I loved those I used for this post because it reminded me that the Bible IS our Food. I also liked the one about "bread not cake"; but LOVE what you said about it become better and better the deeper we dive into it...and becomes sweet bread! I need to dive deeper, for sure!

      Thanks for reading and commenting!


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