Thursday, February 26, 2015

Fab-ruary 25th

Another day to link up with Helen at:

And to be challenged to "find the fab" in my life!

Today, the challenge is to share -


Many times I have shared FUN outings we have as family;
during those outings, I am mother and grandmother.

I have also talked about FUN events with my scrapbooking friends.
Whenever I get with my girlfriends to work on our crafts,
I am Me...

I am Barbara!

And whatever the event,
I have FUN!

My friends are surprised that I come out of my shell;
I open up and enjoy the moments that we share together!

Such as...

Playing the role of "Molly Ringworm, Drama Queen" for
a Murder Mystery Class Reunion themed scrapbook retreat;

Totally shocking my friends at how I played that role...
and finding out I was the murderer!

What FUN I had at that event!!

Whenever we have our monthly themed scrapbook all-day crops,
I always try to "dress the part", as I did for Molly:

"Tacky Tourist"
complete with my bag holding all the necessities
including a roll of toilet paper!

"Flower Power"
or flower child!
hippy or what?!

not sure if I portrayed a proper zombie;
but I sure had FUN!

"Super Bowl"
Let the guys enjoy their super bowl on TV;
we had our FUN at the crop!

And, being the scrapbooker that I am,
I love the weekend retreats!

Most of them don't necessarily have a theme;
but I enjoy spending time with my friends
and creating multiple pages or other crafts.

The one that has my heart and my support are the Puppy Crops,
those that support Patriot Service Dogs
(check out their website at

Not only are we having FUN, but we are also supporting a great non-profit organization that supports our disabled veterans by raising puppies to become service dogs...

My new BFF Jerry
(Best Furry Friend -
but don't tell my cat!)

Yes, I DO have FUN!!!
I am enjoying life and having fun
doing the things that I enjoy doing...

It makes me happy!

And, happy is a good place to be...

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